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Like I had no insurance.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Retribution Dec 02, 2016
...For what i saved in money over a few years I lost 10 fold. They took my money easy enough to insure me. Everything was ok until I had an accident. Someone came out of a driveway right in in front of me in BC. They were 100% at fault. There was over 14,000.00 in damages to my at that time $15,000 car. Everyone said the car was a rightoff except Canadian Direct. I had 10 days use of a rental vehicle from Canadian Direct. Canadian Direct used that whole time trying to find parts to rebuild the front end of my car. They said it was not a right off and would have to be fixed. After 10 days they told me they would not pay for the rental car anymore. The autobody shop payed for the rental for the remainder of the time. It took almost a week to rebuild the car. I had problems with the front end after that. It was hard to sell the car after that with a $14,000 accident on file. I sold the car a year later for less than $5000. I think that says it all...
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A car backed into my vehicle

(1.8 out of 5 stars)
by Multiple zeros Sep 11, 2015
...The other insurance company said it was my fault, according to their client. An adjuster never looked at my car, my side of the event weren't taken seriously or checked in any way. The repair shop was given a very limited time and funds to make the repairs (both driver and passenger doors had to be replaced). Had a monumental struggle to get CDI to pay for a rental even though I had insurance to cover that. Now I'm stuck because the accident was settled at 50/50, and my rates have nearly doubled - if I go to another insurance co. CDI maintained my rate, but I can't get that anywhere else due to this accident -which occurred because the other driver didn't check rear view mirror or shoulder check...
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great service

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Laura K Oct 10, 2014
...They arranged for a rental car and everything. When we sold our car last month they were great about cancelling the policy and the lady on the phone even offered to backdate the cancellation to the actual sale date! The money owed to us was deposited into our account within 10 bus days just as she said it would be. Very impressed!...
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