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Like I had no insurance.

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by Retribution Dec 02, 2016
...For what i saved in money over a few years I lost 10 fold. They took my money easy enough to insure me. Everything was ok until I had an accident. Someone came out of a driveway right in in front of me in BC. They were 100% at fault. There was over 14,000.00 in damages to my at that time $15,000 car. Everyone said the car was a rightoff except Canadian Direct. I had 10 days use of a rental vehicle from Canadian Direct. Canadian Direct used that whole time trying to find parts to rebuild the front end of my car. They said it was not a right off and would have to be fixed. After 10 days they told me they would not pay for the rental car anymore. The autobody shop payed for the rental for the remainder of the time. It took almost a week to rebuild the car. I had problems with the front end after that. It was hard to sell the car after that with a $14,000 accident on file. I sold the car a year later for less than $5000. I think that says it all...
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