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Incompetent in thier ability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brian N Oct 29, 2019
...Mother and I were loyal customers. After many years, we had our first accident. Small one. Barely worth claiming. Call up to discuss the issue as I've never had to deal with this scenario. Turns out they cancelled our account due to non-payment. A fun little game they played over the last year. Come time for the automatic withdrawal and 'magically' something would go wrong. Speaking with my bank and they inform me it was the actions of CAA that was placing the stop on my account. The result, my ability to get new insurance is now significantly damaged due to the non-payment issue. Honestly, if they had just told me to leave I would have happily gone somewhere else. Let alone, if a payment is missed, the only option is to physically go into the one location. Meaning I have to leave work to do so and hope he didn't leave early because apparently, that's a thing when you only have one representative. This company only shows complete incompetence in their ability to manage their clients efficiently. Let alone such negligence. Currently building a case against them as they couldn't even remember to send me a letter of cancellation. Go with anyone else. At least you'll either know they care or know they are trying to screw you. With this company, they simply lack common sense and ability. A complete lack of professionalism...
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Low customer respect

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ali Oct 09, 2019
...I have a bad experience with CAA insurance. Unfortunately, my credit cards have been declined twice because of technical issues. In fact, I had money for premium. For those reasons, they charged me 20$ and 50$ extra to remove policy cancellation. I called insurance and described the situation, sent an email with credit card statements which showed the money was available on the exact date of insurance payment. It may happen, when you may want to purchase something, but it may get declined by some bad internet connection or technical problems, and if you try second time, it will work. As my statements, I had money, and the CAA customer service did not try again. You know why? Because insurance companies think their customers are their slaves. They want to charge customers whatever they like. I think this is a breach of service that they have. The funniest section is, they do not inform you that your card is declined, it means you may not know your policy is cancelled until you see yourself in a trap. Anyway, I do not like their services...
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Waiting for check...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Linda P Feb 19, 2019
...One month so far, was told they were purolating it as soon as my paperwork came back, I even went to an office so I could expedite the process! I am so frustrated...they sent a check on the 30th of Jan...never received it. It wasn't Purolator. They won't take my old car, which I haven't driven since Dec 30, off my policy till I get my check!!! I don't have 200.00 to pay on the 25?? Also when you call and choose "talk about your existing policy", they make you sit on hold...but if you want a quote, they give you the callback option!! Nice... if they have your money already, sit on hold for 40mins!!!...
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