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Zero stars

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jim Nov 24, 2019
...I have never in my life experienced such a nonchalant type of attitude. It’s freezing cold and we had been rejected by the first tow after the driver did not want to rig the vehicle. Prior to the dispatch we had already requested a flatbed but the agent said it was not able to be done; mind you we already knew it was able to have it requested as we have a different type of vehicle. After we were then reassured that the second tow truck was gonna be on its way and it would be here by 15 mins, just to be told by the driver it will be another 26 mins. I don’t know how an emergency dispatch service can be this unorganized and it’s utterly disgusting how unreliable these employees are. You are supposed to make the customers feel safe when using the service and not unsure if you “feel” like coming to do your job. Disappointed will not recommend to anyone. Go with someone else...
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No Customer Service

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bill E Nov 20, 2019
...Started a claim on October 31st it is now November 20th and I have not received a single phone call from the adjuster. I have to call to get any kind of update. Finally, ask to speak to a supervisor on the last call and told they will call within 24 hours. Here I sit over 24 hours still no phone call. How do you get a company to contact you...
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CAA agreement

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by pp Oct 30, 2019
...MA voiture a ete heurte jai parle avec CAA il m'ont demander d,aller voir la compagnie Procolor Aylmer pour une inspection et voiture de courtoisie mais rien que des mensonges depuis 3 jours jappelle mais rien nest fait ne faite jamais confiance a CAA ne faite jamais vos assurance avec CAA. Cest la pire compagnie d assurance...
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Incompetent in thier ability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brian N Oct 29, 2019
...Mother and I were loyal customers. After many years, we had our first accident. Small one. Barely worth claiming. Call up to discuss the issue as I've never had to deal with this scenario. Turns out they cancelled our account due to non-payment. A fun little game they played over the last year. Come time for the automatic withdrawal and 'magically' something would go wrong. Speaking with my bank and they inform me it was the actions of CAA that was placing the stop on my account. The result, my ability to get new insurance is now significantly damaged due to the non-payment issue. Honestly, if they had just told me to leave I would have happily gone somewhere else. Let alone, if a payment is missed, the only option is to physically go into the one location. Meaning I have to leave work to do so and hope he didn't leave early because apparently, that's a thing when you only have one representative. This company only shows complete incompetence in their ability to manage their clients efficiently. Let alone such negligence. Currently building a case against them as they couldn't even remember to send me a letter of cancellation. Go with anyone else. At least you'll either know they care or know they are trying to screw you. With this company, they simply lack common sense and ability. A complete lack of professionalism...
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Brutal Customer service

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by KC Jul 10, 2019
...I have been a CAA customer for over 15 years, never had a claim until January this year. It was complicated in that I had two claims in process at once. At every turn, I had to make multiple calls to CAA to get/keep things moving. Never got the same person twice, never received a callback when promised. It took 3 months to get the work completed, for cosmetic damage (front and rear bumpers). CAA repeatedly lost track of the body shop estimates. They had to be sent 3 times. I am moving auto and home policies to another carrier, even if more expensive...
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Amazing service!

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by armas Jul 06, 2019
...My family and I had great service with CAA. Our assistant was so friendly and nice. We had a rough day and he made it much better! Our car was towed perfectly and he had lots of knowledge! Thank you! 100% recommend...
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(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by frustrated to no end May 18, 2019
...My wife and l own a 2000 Safari van in VERY good shape, we were hit in OUR OWN driveway by 2 men and truck movers. It was all caught on video. The "manager" told me he would settle this with me, no problem, it was only between 2800 & 3000$ damage. After a lengthy dispute with him, he told the police he did not hit my van... REALLY, how are you going to get past the security video l have! SO, this is where CAA is supposed to take over...or so l thought! After many many emails back and forth, l was told by one agent it had already been repaired, then another agent told me "sorry it's a total loss". Seriously, it went from zero to indescribable in a few short weeks. l was tossed around from one person to another. l have had nothing short of an indescribable nasty experience with CAA, they take your money and then they leave you hanging, then they give you a run-around. l didn't realize that l had to have a million dollar vehicle to get some attention to what has happened to us. Mind you, being with CAA as long as l have been, l have dealt with some "humans" that care, they are the exception, then there are those that think they are God! All this over a small incident that could have been easily resolved without all this red tape and raw feelings. Really, CAA, l hope that no one out there has to go through what my wife and l are going through jusn because you have an older vehicle...
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Worst experience with CAA

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Diana Mar 27, 2019
...Two weeks ago, to be more precise, on March 13, 2019, I called CAA department to submit a new claim regarding the fact that someone in the morning of March 13, 2018, rear-ended me while I was stopped at a Red light. It has been two weeks now and apparently, the Claim still has not been submitted/ processed. Called the claim department. To say the least, this is extremely disappointing and shows the lack of care and service towards the customers. I have called twice now to get an update, and today as I noted above, I was advised that you have done NOTHING. I sent an email and NO REPLY. I pay the required monthly payment on time each and every month, but once a claim is put, it seems that CAA reluctantly chooses not to respond to it on a timely basis. Again, this is unfortunate and unprofessional of CAA. I have been a client with CAA for several years and currently have my Car and two houses with them. The worst experience and the most unprofessional insurance company...
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Bad car insurance advice.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA is bad insurance Mar 10, 2019
...I called them after a minor fender bender in a shopping parking lot to ask for advice. If I make a claim, will my insurance go up since I wasn't at fault? The agent wouldn't answer and would just repeatedly say: Do you want to make a claim? The only way to get advice was only if I made a claim first!!! So I ended up making a claim, I took photos of the parking lot and drew sketches of how the accident happened. A year later, when I got the renewal letter, the insurance was sky high! When I called to complain about this, they blamed me for not talking to the right person. How was I supposed to know who is answering the phone at CAA insurance wasn't qualified to answer car accident questions? I changed insurance companies. They still send me letters to join them...
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Claim Experience

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA Claims Experience Nov 02, 2018
...I had a bad claim experience very lengthy. It is very difficult to reach adjusters, especially around lunchtime. I waited for 40 minutes one day and another day after 45 minutes on hold I had to hang up as nobody answered. However, you can get insurance staff in the evening quite quickly to enroll in the insurance. Also, I feel we were not really looked after. The first adjuster never returned phone calls or emails but we were put onto another adjuster who was very good. I think it's a bit like NO FRILLS insurance. I don't think I would renew but it was $100 a month cheaper than the insurance I was with before. Also, with me, I was getting a lot of different information. Adjusters tell you one thing, body shops tell you something else and nobody seems to be on the same page. This can cause a lot of stress...
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