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Agents lack knowledge.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by se12 Jun 20, 2019
...My wife works as a residential care worker for a group home operator for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. When asked how many km she drove to work she said that it varied a little bit as the employer has 4 separate homes she may have to do her shifts at. The agent tried to say that she was then using the vehicle for commercial purposes. We explained that she only worked for 1 employer and she drove to her shift before her shift started and then home after her shift ended and only once per week and that the vehicle was never used as part of her job. The agent then got quite abrupt and insisted that she was using her vehicle for commercial purposes and we would have to pay commercial rates. Talk about lack of training and knowledge. I figured that after this experience that I would not want to have to deal with them for a claim if this is how they treat people in sales...
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Waiting for check...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Linda P Feb 19, 2019
...One month so far, was told they were purolating it as soon as my paperwork came back, I even went to an office so I could expedite the process! I am so frustrated...they sent a check on the 30th of Jan...never received it. It wasn't Purolator. They won't take my old car, which I haven't driven since Dec 30, off my policy till I get my check!!! I don't have 200.00 to pay on the 25?? Also when you call and choose "talk about your existing policy", they make you sit on hold...but if you want a quote, they give you the callback option!! Nice... if they have your money already, sit on hold for 40mins!!!...
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Tow Truck Trouble

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Cav Nov 14, 2018
...My tire blew out on the highway in Toronto and after calling CAA I was told there were no calls available until the plan renewed the next day. Opting to renew the plan and pay an additional $30 I agreed so that I could get the tow truck but instead of calling the tow truck, they made me speak to another representative who took my credit card details BEFORE calling a tow. At the time, I was parked on the side of a ramp barely avoiding cars driving past me swerving into the side lane. I asked them to just call the tow truck before I wasted time giving them my credit card information but they refused to place the call until I first upgraded to the premium account. The priority here was not my safety but CAA's profit margin...
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