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CAA CONNECT totally unreliable

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy@CAA Mar 06, 2017
...We switched to CAA insurance for auto and home last year. We have the gizmos in our cars that monitor how we use the cars. These gizmos are totally unreliable, yet our renewal discount will apparently be determined from them. For example, we drove to a place that is 30km from our condo. On the way there, CAA Connect broke into 5 separate trips totalling about 15km. Returning the same way, it recorded 2 trips totalling 30km. So 15km there and 30km back on same route. This is in a semi-urban setting where gps signal should be good. Same thing happens if we do a return trip from our home to Toronto on 401 highway. The gps gizmo loses signal and we end up having multiple short trips that don't match teh total distance. On the webpage, CAA Connect says we have not had unit connected long enough to obtain the full discount. It has been connected for 9 months but has not recorded the full distance travelled. CAA Connect is just a bad joke. If they don't give us the full discount, we wil just have to find someone else to insure through. I sent an email to CAA about this about 10 days ago - They did not answer...
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Bend over people

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bent over Jul 26, 2016
...So called discounts for multi vehicle and home insurance is absolute BS. Compared to several other companies for just one vehicle and price was same. CAA just starts with much higher premiums then adds all their so called discounts and is no better. They also refused to put one of our 3 vehicles under a different policy (it was a lease and required more liability) which was going to raise our rates $600 per year......we have perfect and claim free record for 30 years plus...
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