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CAA MyPace scam

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA Ripoff Oct 07, 2019
...I was burned by CAA Canada's MyPace Pay-as-you-go auto insurance (Short story): 1. Broker CAA insurance in Thornhill, Ontario sent me a registered letter (10/2/2019) stating my device was unplugged or not working. 2. Stated that over the last 30 days they tried several attempts to contact me about any action I've done to maintain eligibility (not true). 3. Stated I had 15 business days to properly install the device (OBD dongle). The CAA device has always been attached to OBD socket from day one. 4. I went to mechanical (10/7/2019). He inserted a Snap-on OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner into OBD port and everything in the car was functioning perfectly. I have a 2016 Mazda CX-5. This vehicle's CAAA device never showed a dashboard in all browser and an Android App. In fact, clicking the "View CAA MyPace Dashboard" on their did nothing. NO error messages, no help, nothing but reload the same Welcome page! I believe this program to be a bait and hook scheme. As CAA Thornhill broker is now not going to renew my MyPace, but offered 3 times amount for regular CAA insurance renewal. I'm retiring, I only drive to the stores within 2km from my home. I have a dealership invoice showing 50,198km The odometer when purchased and as of 10/7/2019, it reads under 52,000km (about 1,800km over the entire year). I offered to drive to my local CAA branch to have someone verify this (CAA Thornhill girl thought I was scamming them). I was sent 2 devises any neither worked in a Canadian Mazda. My advice to everyone. DO NOT get car insurance from this company...
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$2500 Deductable

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Duece Sep 04, 2019
...I did an auto quote with CAA and was told my deductible would be $2500, because if the vehicle I drove. No tickets, accidents, claims to be quoted $2500. I did a quote on the lowest rates and the deductible was $500. I think I will stay with current auto insurance which is a $0 deductible because I have "NO" driving convictions for CAA to even mention $2500 for a deductible. Also, the agent/sales guy was rude and could not give me any good reason for that ridiculous quote for $2500. There are much better and cheaper insurance providers. Stay away from CAA, or go right now and get a quote elsewhere and tell us all how much you saved and how much better off you are...
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Agents lack knowledge.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by se12 Jun 20, 2019
...My wife works as a residential care worker for a group home operator for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. When asked how many km she drove to work she said that it varied a little bit as the employer has 4 separate homes she may have to do her shifts at. The agent tried to say that she was then using the vehicle for commercial purposes. We explained that she only worked for 1 employer and she drove to her shift before her shift started and then home after her shift ended and only once per week and that the vehicle was never used as part of her job. The agent then got quite abrupt and insisted that she was using her vehicle for commercial purposes and we would have to pay commercial rates. Talk about lack of training and knowledge. I figured that after this experience that I would not want to have to deal with them for a claim if this is how they treat people in sales...
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Applying for Insurance

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Thomas May 09, 2019
...We decided to get a quote for new insurance rates and were told that even though my wife and I are excellent drivers my daughter who was in an accident many years ago on our Insurance and who now no longer lives with us that we would be penalized for her at fault accident until she gets new Insurance from another Insurance company. Once she gets new Insurance our rates at CAA would go down. This agent says this is a standard practice from other Insurance companies. It was a good thing we shopped around because the other 4 Insurance companies said my wife and I would not be penalized for my daughter's mistake just as long as my daughter no longer lives at our place and is not on our Insurance. One agent from a well-known Insurance company that we talked to said that we were given a line and what was told to us from CAA does not make any sense at all. As he said if she was on your Insurance policy absolutely you would be penalized but she no longer resides at your place and because she does not have Insurance you will still be penalized? He just laughed and said that does not make any sense what so ever and that is not how his Insurance company works and that my wife and I would not be penalized for her mistake. Hence we moved all our Insurance to them at a great rate! Watch out for CAA Auto Insurance as we have found out and definitely shop around as you will be amazed at what better deals you can find. I could imagine if you tried to ever make a claim with CAA and what kind of hassles they would give you. Were glad we did not go with them...
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Bad car insurance advice.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA is bad insurance Mar 10, 2019
...I called them after a minor fender bender in a shopping parking lot to ask for advice. If I make a claim, will my insurance go up since I wasn't at fault? The agent wouldn't answer and would just repeatedly say: Do you want to make a claim? The only way to get advice was only if I made a claim first!!! So I ended up making a claim, I took photos of the parking lot and drew sketches of how the accident happened. A year later, when I got the renewal letter, the insurance was sky high! When I called to complain about this, they blamed me for not talking to the right person. How was I supposed to know who is answering the phone at CAA insurance wasn't qualified to answer car accident questions? I changed insurance companies. They still send me letters to join them...
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Claim Experience

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA Claims Experience Nov 02, 2018
...I had a bad claim experience very lengthy. It is very difficult to reach adjusters, especially around lunchtime. I waited for 40 minutes one day and another day after 45 minutes on hold I had to hang up as nobody answered. However, you can get insurance staff in the evening quite quickly to enroll in the insurance. Also, I feel we were not really looked after. The first adjuster never returned phone calls or emails but we were put onto another adjuster who was very good. I think it's a bit like NO FRILLS insurance. I don't think I would renew but it was $100 a month cheaper than the insurance I was with before. Also, with me, I was getting a lot of different information. Adjusters tell you one thing, body shops tell you something else and nobody seems to be on the same page. This can cause a lot of stress...
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