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Agents lack knowledge.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by se12 Jun 20, 2019
...My wife works as a residential care worker for a group home operator for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. When asked how many km she drove to work she said that it varied a little bit as the employer has 4 separate homes she may have to do her shifts at. The agent tried to say that she was then using the vehicle for commercial purposes. We explained that she only worked for 1 employer and she drove to her shift before her shift started and then home after her shift ended and only once per week and that the vehicle was never used as part of her job. The agent then got quite abrupt and insisted that she was using her vehicle for commercial purposes and we would have to pay commercial rates. Talk about lack of training and knowledge. I figured that after this experience that I would not want to have to deal with them for a claim if this is how they treat people in sales...
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Applying for Insurance

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Thomas May 09, 2019
...We decided to get a quote for new insurance rates and were told that even though my wife and I are excellent drivers my daughter who was in an accident many years ago on our Insurance and who now no longer lives with us that we would be penalized for her at fault accident until she gets new Insurance from another Insurance company. Once she gets new Insurance our rates at CAA would go down. This agent says this is a standard practice from other Insurance companies. It was a good thing we shopped around because the other 4 Insurance companies said my wife and I would not be penalized for my daughter's mistake just as long as my daughter no longer lives at our place and is not on our Insurance. One agent from a well-known Insurance company that we talked to said that we were given a line and what was told to us from CAA does not make any sense at all. As he said if she was on your Insurance policy absolutely you would be penalized but she no longer resides at your place and because she does not have Insurance you will still be penalized? He just laughed and said that does not make any sense what so ever and that is not how his Insurance company works and that my wife and I would not be penalized for her mistake. Hence we moved all our Insurance to them at a great rate! Watch out for CAA Auto Insurance as we have found out and definitely shop around as you will be amazed at what better deals you can find. I could imagine if you tried to ever make a claim with CAA and what kind of hassles they would give you. Were glad we did not go with them...
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Bad car insurance advice.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA is bad insurance Mar 10, 2019
...I called them after a minor fender bender in a shopping parking lot to ask for advice. If I make a claim, will my insurance go up since I wasn't at fault? The agent wouldn't answer and would just repeatedly say: Do you want to make a claim? The only way to get advice was only if I made a claim first!!! So I ended up making a claim, I took photos of the parking lot and drew sketches of how the accident happened. A year later, when I got the renewal letter, the insurance was sky high! When I called to complain about this, they blamed me for not talking to the right person. How was I supposed to know who is answering the phone at CAA insurance wasn't qualified to answer car accident questions? I changed insurance companies. They still send me letters to join them...
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Claim Experience

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAA Claims Experience Nov 02, 2018
...I had a bad claim experience very lengthy. It is very difficult to reach adjusters, especially around lunchtime. I waited for 40 minutes one day and another day after 45 minutes on hold I had to hang up as nobody answered. However, you can get insurance staff in the evening quite quickly to enroll in the insurance. Also, I feel we were not really looked after. The first adjuster never returned phone calls or emails but we were put onto another adjuster who was very good. I think it's a bit like NO FRILLS insurance. I don't think I would renew but it was $100 a month cheaper than the insurance I was with before. Also, with me, I was getting a lot of different information. Adjusters tell you one thing, body shops tell you something else and nobody seems to be on the same page. This can cause a lot of stress...
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Did the online quote

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by CG May 03, 2018
...Did online quote before and after I got insurance. First online quote was $2300. Went to office in person and got a quote of 2900. I was told the premiums went up. I got it down to $2500 over the phone the next day due to some errors that were made, wrong truck model, wrong address, and incorrect discounts. I did a second online quote just to see if the premiums had gone up like they said. They did not, it was less than the first quote $2200. I'm not sure what happened but they could not match the online quote and could provide no reasons why and could not fix it. I was going to get home insurance with them as well next time I renewed, but most likely I will go with somebody else. I may even cancel it altogether. The customer service tried their best to be helpful and did their best I think...
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Free quote auto insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Wei-Ching Y Jan 31, 2018
...I've tried to get the free quote from CAA representative.After a few questions about my answers, she gave me a satisfactory premium.I only have a car and I told her my son had a driver's licence 18 months ago, but he didn't drive.Now he is a second year of university student.He told me he would like to drive after university graduation.I told that representative also.And sometimes he would sit beside me for shopping occasionally.Then she persuaded me my son had to buy insurance with me.And she gave my son premium over$3300 a year plus my premium $135/monthly total price about 5 GRAND a year.That is ridiculous.She has got to be nuts.I have never heard that before in my life.In my opinion better to stop buying CAA insurance anymore...
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increase in monthly payment

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sara Jul 25, 2017
...I have decided to change with some one else increasing on their own when ever they want without any claim...
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Cheaper but really bad service

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by JusticeSeeker125 Apr 28, 2017
...I had a really bad experience with this insurer. After 25 years as a platinum CAA member for their roadside assistance, I opted to get their insurance coverage. It was inexpensive compared to others but I had to go through so much stress every time I needed to make a change. On two separate occasions due to their failure to do their job on a timely basis customer service almost got my policies cancelled. This was due to changing bank accounts after a divorce and then after a family member I lived with and had a joint account with could no longer manage their own financial affairs. They never changed the information so kept trying to draft a non-existent bank account. The first time this happened I let it go and gave them another chance. Sure enough, in another two years I needed to open another new bank account and remove someone from my policy and gave them all the information immediately yet once again they failed to change it over and I received a second registered letter informing me of cancellation. Then ironically, they switched sides and claimed I wasn`t allowed to cancel my policy without the other party`s signature....they were represented by a public guardian so I had to go to the Ministry and get them to fax a letter. Even then CAA continued to draft my account and took weeks to pay me back. I have a disability and am on a fixed income. Too many sleepless nights because of these people, not worth it. I don`t recommend them to anyone because you do get what you pay for. Now I pay roughly 40$ a month more but the new company is a lot more professional and I always get a call back the same day within a couple of hours when I call my local office. Now you tell me, is all this aggravation worth saving $40 a month? My health and well-being is worth way more than that!! I am not satisfied that they would competently handle a claim either because they don`t seem to care how long they delay handling matters, it`s a chronic and long term problem for their customer service department and I doubt it changed since last year when I finally cancelled all my policies with them and went elsewhere. Bottom line, caveat emptor!
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CAA CONNECT totally unreliable

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy@CAA Mar 06, 2017
...We switched to CAA insurance for auto and home last year. We have the gizmos in our cars that monitor how we use the cars. These gizmos are totally unreliable, yet our renewal discount will apparently be determined from them. For example, we drove to a place that is 30km from our condo. On the way there, CAA Connect broke into 5 separate trips totalling about 15km. Returning the same way, it recorded 2 trips totalling 30km. So 15km there and 30km back on same route. This is in a semi-urban setting where gps signal should be good. Same thing happens if we do a return trip from our home to Toronto on 401 highway. The gps gizmo loses signal and we end up having multiple short trips that don't match teh total distance. On the webpage, CAA Connect says we have not had unit connected long enough to obtain the full discount. It has been connected for 9 months but has not recorded the full distance travelled. CAA Connect is just a bad joke. If they don't give us the full discount, we wil just have to find someone else to insure through. I sent an email to CAA about this about 10 days ago - They did not answer...
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Scam, stay away.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by TITAN Sep 26, 2016
...Our car was rear ended at a high rate of speed at a light in May and even with ample following distance due to the speed we hit the car in front of us. CAA rated 50% at fault for the collision because that is what the book says without taking in to account the entire situation. They are very black and white. The told us to pay 50% of the deductible but the collision would not effect our premiums or policy at all. We renewed in October with no issues and went through a whole year when we received a letter this October telling us we are not being renewed because of an at fault collision and they quoted the May collision as the reason. I asked why we were renewed the first October but not this year and they said no one looked at our file. I however found out that if we wanted to fight the claim it had to be within 1 year of the collision, so CAA basically ran out the clock so we couldn't fight it. I then had to shop around for insurance and called CAA 4 times now for an experience letter, I'm told every time I will receive one by the end of business day and to date have not received it. So I can't stay with CAA and they wont let me leave, do yourself a favor and find someone else to insure you...
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Bend over people

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bent over Jul 26, 2016
...So called discounts for multi vehicle and home insurance is absolute BS. Compared to several other companies for just one vehicle and price was same. CAA just starts with much higher premiums then adds all their so called discounts and is no better. They also refused to put one of our 3 vehicles under a different policy (it was a lease and required more liability) which was going to raise our rates $600 per year......we have perfect and claim free record for 30 years plus...
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Did you know that on average Ontario drivers with good driving records pay $1,805/year in auto insurance? Is your insurance rate higher? Get a free car insurance quote and start saving today.
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