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Never recommend

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kan Apr 13, 2019
...I had a small accident while I was doing delivery for SkipThe Dishes, I didn’t know that I need to inform that I was doing SkipThe Dishes delivery and I even did it for only a few days. I told these people truly that what actually happened. I told them I didn’t know about this because I am a new driver and it’s a 2 months old brand new Hyundai Sonata. They took a statement from 3-4 times and I asked them if it's not covered, please tell me, I will fix it. They didn’t say anything, they were saying we are doing verification, it’s been 28 days, I didn’t get anything and they didn’t pay for a rental. I paid 1000$ for that, and still, my file is pending. Whenever I ask them if they would send, I need these documents and I send right away and again, they take time to reply, this is the worst service I have ever seen...
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hard time when you claim!

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by vanraj Mar 14, 2019
...They didn't pass my claim because I was doing ridesharing at the moment. I had already informed them before one month of the accident that I was doing part-time ridesharing. They seemed fine with that at the moment and when the accident happened, they rejected the claim. I was covered by insurance, which was providing through LYFT, but they only gave me actual cash value as they didn't have OPCF 43 in their policy (car was declared as totalled). The car was brand new and was only used for two month and I had OPCF 43 and rented car policy in my Cooperators policy. They didn't cover me for Class 5 grand, therefore, I didn't get a new car and was in loss of 10 grand after everything because of all the accessories and aftermarket expense. I paid them for OPCF 43(waiver of car depreciation) but they didn't cover me for a penny and now I owe 6 grand to a bank and I got no car in my garage. I was right about everything and they didn't care about the customer who is broke...
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garbage service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by pissed off customer Jan 24, 2019
...If you have to deal with these people for any type of claim, make sure you have a lawyer involved. My experience with one of the agents was an absolute disgrace. I've been screwed around on every step of my claim. They cut the rental car off 3 days after their appraiser gave me an estimate on the value of my vehicle (cheque hadn't even arrived yet). They jerked me around on my injury claim. They don't seem to return phone calls. These people aren't there to help you through the process, they're out to nickel and dime you at every step of the way...
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Don’t bring your business here

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by WouldGive0StarsifCould Oct 20, 2018
...This is the worst company I have had an experience with. Their customer service reps are rude and have no idea what they are talking about if you call for advice. I’m a new driver and I got into an accident 6 months after I got my car, and if my accident wasn’t bad enough, the insurance company made my life much worse while dealing with them. It took me over 7 calls to finally be told that the claims department on the weekend doesn’t know the procedures and information regarding my problem, so instead of just telling me the first time, they gave me different answers and ended up costing me 200$ extra because they instructed me wrong. I’m so beyond upset because the customer service rep wouldn’t even let me finish my sentence before he interrupted me, then had the nerve to tell me not to talk over him. Sir, if you had let me finish my sentence, then I would’ve stopped talking so you could answer. Needless to say, me and my family are taking our business elsewhere...
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Worst insurance in the World

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by rubbish cooperators Aug 17, 2018
...This insurance company is really a garbage. The collision happened 3 weeks ago and they didn't reach out their client! They just told me the driver is not answering the phone and asked me to wait and wait and wait only! I personally called the driver and there is it, someone answered the phone! I told this to one of the agents but he's still saying me they cannot do anything at this point so just wait!!! And then this agent just cut off my phone!!! 3 weeks I have to pay the towing fee and all the transportation myself!!! Trust me, the Cooperators will do nothing when you have a problem. I suggest everyone, don't use this rubbish company anymore or you have to prepare for a tragedy...
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So sick of this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kimmy Feb 17, 2018
...I've been with this company for 5 years just in the last 8 months they have messed my whole account up they have been taking amounts out that weren't supposed to be taking out they have messed my stuff up so bad that they cancelled my insurance for their mistake and then RI put me back on charging me an extra $40 a month and then once it's all straightened out on their side they decide to start taking money out of my daughter's account and then putting it back in and taking it back out and putting it back in and then start charging me extra from the amount that supposed to be taken out encouraging me NSF fees on their side plus NSF fees on my bank side when the amount was supposed to be 188 they would go into my account and take out 268 some days it was 386 how do you get 188 from those amounts wish you guys could just get yourself together and take the proper amounts out and stop taking money out of my daughter's account this is ridiculous I shouldn't have to go through this my insurance was $146 and because yous guys messed it up you now charge me 186 for your mistake plus all . All the NSF charges I've had to pay because of your mistakes I should be reimbursed for all of this including my daughter as well this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life...
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