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by Kan Apr 13, 2019
...I had a small accident while I was doing delivery for SkipThe Dishes, I didn’t know that I need to inform that I was doing SkipThe Dishes delivery and I even did it for only a few days. I told these people truly that what actually happened. I told them I didn’t know about this because I am a new driver and it’s a 2 months old brand new Hyundai Sonata. They took a statement from 3-4 times and I asked them if it's not covered, please tell me, I will fix it. They didn’t say anything, they were saying we are doing verification, it’s been 28 days, I didn’t get anything and they didn’t pay for a rental. I paid 1000$ for that, and still, my file is pending. Whenever I ask them if they would send, I need these documents and I send right away and again, they take time to reply, this is the worst service I have ever seen...
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Buyer be warned

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DisappointedHusband Jun 16, 2017
...My wife was in a car accident in 2015. Suffered a massive back injury, can't sit normally in a chair anymore due to pins holding her back together. I had a premium Auto Insurance coverage with over a million in coverage for rehabilitation. Cooperators does not assist at all. You need to constantly fill out forms and get doctors assessments before they provide any financial assistance in making life comfortable. My wife has slept on the couch for 2 years waiting for a custom bed. Every month, "we just need one more form filled out". Simply disgusting how they treat a human. You become nothing more than a case file and an expense. Buyer be warned, Cooperators has little interest in helping, just making a profit...
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