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by Matt C Oct 09, 2019
...I get in an accident, my fault. Very small for an accident maybe $10.000 total and most importantly no one was hurt, also no tickets we went to the collision centre. We both fill out all our information shake hands and leave. I was with another insurance company for 10 years before I always have insurance and I switched to the Co-operators a year ago to join my laws policy(cheaper) I call the Co-operators claims who say my account is frozen and to call my branch and they can unfreeze it. I call my branch and explain she says - "oh let me see why it's frozen", then says - "oh your account was suspended 2 months ago. Your girlfriend started a new account with the new car she bought with a new policy." Which made the old policy expired because she was the primary account name which puts me out of insurance. I give my ex as much as I possibly can for our daughter which car insurance has always been a part of. The Co-operators won't do anything they sent a registered letter which is all they say. No phone call or email. Trust me my ex could got me in touch with them if she wanted...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Tina Jul 16, 2019
...I had auto insurance for two of my cars with this company, and the individual I dealt in the past was a really nice lady. Who offered me the best customer service. But my file was transferred over to someone other individuals in this company, and I have spoken to them about insurance for my new car. Which they agreed and quoted me on and I also provided them with the date of receiving the vehicle. On the date of signing my vehicle, they called me an hour before that and told me my insurance was cancelled and I have 15 days. And gave me all invalid and unrelated reasons. My record was clear, no tickets, no claims, no accidents. I have been with them for so long. Had a good record and relationship, yet they provided me with the worst customer service. Especially the individual whom I spoke to. Disgusting manners. Never AGAIN with this insurance company. They don't know what professionalism is and sounds like they don't even like working there...
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