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garbage service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by pissed off customer Jan 24, 2019
...If you have to deal with these people for any type of claim, make sure you have a lawyer involved. My experience with one of the agents was an absolute disgrace. I've been screwed around on every step of my claim. They cut the rental car off 3 days after their appraiser gave me an estimate on the value of my vehicle (cheque hadn't even arrived yet). They jerked me around on my injury claim. They don't seem to return phone calls. These people aren't there to help you through the process, they're out to nickel and dime you at every step of the way...
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Stay Away

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jessica Nov 07, 2018
...Extremely poor service, the claim agent was rude and unprofessional. Made unnecessary personal comments - derogatory comments in regards to my speech disorder and age. Considering how her East Indian accent was thick and hard to understand she probably doesn't know what is deemed to be improper or impolite. This is inexcusable. As for claims, the process is a complete headache. They give you the runaround for days and find any obsolete excuse to not cover your rental, costing you hundreds at your expense. Switched to TD, where people are professional and literate. Heard bad reviews from TD but would suffer through TD than with an excuse of an insurance company such as Cooperators. Do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY!!!...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sy Jun 19, 2018
...Yemi E Personal Line Claims Representative-Auto Was totally rude, raised her voice and hung up the phone on me. I was upset that I did not receive information and due to it, I was responsible for extra rental car fees. I had an oral surgery, so was unable to attend her call quickly, but as soon as I was able to speak, I called which was in a few days. Anyways, I called to ask for an extension for the car rental so we have time to look for a car or at least when we receive our cheque. She started stating the policy only covers till an offer is made (even if it is not taken). Before telling me that she has already updated it so that it will be covered only up till today, she chose to raise her voice because I said I felt like the company was scamming us. Due to the fact that they stated we have to return the rental car the second an offer was made, which does not make sense whatsoever. If the agent, who was selling the policy, has informed us about this, we would have never signed with them. Basically, they can offer $1 for the total loss amount and we would be responsible for rental, going forward. Asked to speak to supervisor or contact information and she denied providing it or transferring to a supervisor. Then hung up! I do not know what kind of customer service allows someone to hang up on a client because a customer is feeling upset about the unfortunate situation they are in. Totally unprofessional...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Against this Apr 03, 2018
...I went through an auto collision claim with this unorganized Company. They first said the collision was my fault when there were witnesses saying the other person was speeding! Then they sent me to a car rental agency with a confirmation number that did not even exist with the company, so I was stranded all weekend without a Vehicle because I don’t even Live in an area that has city buses! I finally on my own called Another rental place and did it all myself. They are so rude and Horribly unorganized I don’t recommend using this Company for anything! They lost me immediately after the Claim was dealt with. Hear my warning people, don’t let them Screw you like they did me!...
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