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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Monica Jul 10, 2019
...I haven't been insured with this company for 2 months yet. No email sent to me about my cancellation. Was only concerned for money amount owed. No explanation of why the huge amount is being taken out. Bad customer service. Zero-rating given...
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Worst company Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cameroking Mar 13, 2019
...I have auto insurance with them, my car was hit by another vehicle and damaged, I asked if I could get the insurance payout to my name as it was gonna be around 6500 and most of that was for labour cost, so I told them I wanted to fix the vehicle myself and they said: yes. Two other people told me yes - now they are running me around saying they can't when it's not even their money, it's the other guy's insurance that will be paying on top of that. They wanted to charge the 1000 deductible when it was not my fault. Bunch of losers, thinking they can tell me what to do with my money. And the reason I did not want to take it to the shop is they kept it an extra week before and did a crappy job at fixing it. They better resolve and give me my money or I'm suing them...
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Worst company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Giokras Jan 29, 2019
...They have ruined my life. Mentally and physically. I had an accident on Dec 29, 2018, still no settlement. The adjuster given to me has been the worst person I have ever dealt with in my life. She ignores my calls, ignores my voicemails, ignores my emails. I am now in contact with the CLO Complaints Liaison Officers. I was not at fault during the accident. They provided me with an offer, a ridiculous offer for my 2010 BMW. They made an odometer reading mistake - they added 50k km to my vehicles odometer and tried to pay me out based on additional 50k. They tried to scam me. Thank god I noticed that scam they tried to make towards me because if I didn’t, I would have lost a lot of money on my car!! ALWAYS CHECK YOUR DOCUMENTS BECAUSE THEY WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU IN ANY WAY THEY CAN. I am now waiting on a settlement amount based on my actual kms. Stay away from this company, stay away, save yourself the anger, the frustration and stress...
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Never go with these scammers!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dean Nov 01, 2018
...Charge a hefty cancellation fee! More than 1K, just for cancelling auto insurance. Never indicate in advance their insurance is indeed a contract with heavy fees to break! Worst insurance to deal with...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by despaired Sep 15, 2018
...DO NOT GO with these people. Desjardins \ Certas auto insurance is bad bad bad. I swerved my truck off the road due to a very bad snow storm with extremely slippery roads and low visibility. My truck ended up being sandwiched between an ice bank and the side guardrail. My front bumper completely cracked and falling off, front grill pushed in and front tow hook bent. Left bumper completely scraped by the ice bank. When the accident occurred it was very dark out, no street lights. Therefore I could not see all the damages. When I filed my claim online that evening, I failed to report ALL the damages. I had my truck towed to a nearby garage and left it there for the night. I was also injured. Severe whiplash. I couldn't get to the garage to look at my truck until a few days later. Once I saw the actual damages to my truck, I called Desjardins to make an adjustment to my claim and damages. At 1st the adjuster seemed very helpful. But once I received the paperwork via mail, I noticed a very big mistake. The damages in my accident had been split into two separate claims thus charging me two separate 500$ deductibles. I called Desjardins / Certas back to re-explain the situation. Again, the adjuster seemed empathetic and wanting to help. She said the checks were already sent out separately but she would fix the notes to say that all the damages were subject to the same claim and that I would only be liable for one 500$ deductible. She gives me the ok to proceed with the repairs. I then take my truck to a body shop. They give me a quote that exceeded way beyond what Desjardins / Certas paid me for damages. Desjardins / Certas convinced me to send back the original checks they gave me so that they can then start the process over putting all the damages under one claim with only one 500$ deductible. I stupidly comply and send back the checks. Next thing I know, the body shop is telling me the Desjardins / Certas is refusing their appraisal and offering me even less money than before to cover the damages. Needless to say, this accident happened in January 2018, 8 MONTHS LATER, I AM STILL FIGHTING with my Desjardins / Certas to have them cover the entire damages minus the 500$ deductible. To make matters worse, during this gruelling ongoing process they have switched me over to 5 different adjusters. As I said at the top, DESJARDINS \ CERTAS AUTO INSURANCE - WORST COMPANY EVER!!!...
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