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Worst Desjardin Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Monty Mar 19, 2020
...Desjardin agents looting money from their customers. I won’t take the name of an agent in Brampton but they first make a promise and after paying them first insurance they don’t care about their promise given to a customer. They are not loyal. Their main aim is to get money out of the customer’s pocket. Never go to them. They are the worst...
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Poor Customer Service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Neh Dec 03, 2019
...I have been with Desjardin auto insurance for as long I can remember. Yesterday I spoke with an agent, who messed up the relationship with this company. I recently bought a new car and called Desjardin to moved my insurance over. At the start, I told the agent I was in a new address but did not mention I was to be there temporally. The agent asked me to read the address I have on file and I did. He went ahead and processed my insurance based on the address I read to him. ( this address on file was different from the one I was in at that moment). He sent an email to me with my significantly lower monthly payment. I again reminded him I moved to a know address mention for a moment. The agent decided to recalculate my insurance based on the new address, and the amount was significantly higher, about $30 higher. I told the agent that was no problems at all and that he should allow the insurance at my old address given the fact I will just be in the present address for a month. The agent said it was because I heard that the insurance amount will be higher in my present address that I decided to ask him to keep it at my permanent address. Later, he kept me on hold for about 10 minutes and wasted my time just come and tell me they will need to move my address on file to the temporary address which the amount per month to pay is higher. I told the agent all my info and address on my driver's license is still in my permanent address which is not this address I am in. He asked me to provide a least agreement that I am in the old address. I told him I did not have the least agreement in both houses. I live with my friend who is helping me out to continue with my studies. The agent started telling me how I need a least because it will be for my protection in case they want to push me out of their house. I did not think it was he call to start telling me that. The agent was very sarcastic and could not allow me to explain myself. I was very disappointed with the services I received from him. According to me, he very unprofessional and inexperienced. In the past, I have had a very good relationship with formal agents I spoke with. I am not sure where this guy was from to spoil my relationship with Desjardin in this manner. I let him know I won't stay with them anymore. He was okay with it and behaved as if nothing happened...
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Horrible experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Appalled Nov 20, 2019
...Please do not choose this company. They make it their business to deny your claim. I was first contacted by an adjuster who came across as inexperienced and extremely judgemental. Firstly, she did not introduce herself or her job properly so I was confused around how much information I needed to disclose. Throughout our conversation, she cut me off, drew inferences that did not make sense and she was judgemental. She also kept speaking with this horrible rising intonation where everything sounded like a question. She did not even call me to tell me about the outcome and instead she sent me an email. Obviously distraught, I spoke with her supervisor. As I was crying, she treated me like I had mental health issues and I was incapable of holding a conversation. I told her that I would cry regardless of when I had the conversation. When I thought to say something, she raised her voice at me and told me to let her finish speaking. It was the first time I did that and I was really distraught, which would be understandable! Her method of management is to have control over any conversation and she goes from 0-100 real quick. Desjardins was the most horrible experience I’ve had with an insurance company. I’m not upset about my claim being denied as much as I’m upset by the way I was addressed by these two ladies. These two women exemplify lacking empathy...
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