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Good until you file a claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by John Jun 02, 2019
...I have been with state farm insurance for over three years now which was taken over by dejardins recently. Both home and auto insurance are from desjardins. The rate is good until I had a claim recently. I got rear ended and wasn’t at fault. Customer service was worst than you can think of. Andrew, the assigned adjuster, had only talked to me twice. The first one was when he introduced himself as my adjuster and the second time was when I already complaint for not getting any update about my case. Its gonna take you over 20mins every time to get through their line, and never had really given me the right information about how the process will move forward. You have to constantly call them to get an update. My entire experience with them was more stressful than the accident itself! I dont also feel like I am being represented properly. Worst customer service. I asked to talk to a manager so I could relay my feedback how bad they handled my claim - but NOBODY returned my call! What a shame! Clearly they don’t value their customers. I will never recommend desjardins to any of my friends, and all I can recall from this company is the worst experience I had with them...
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8 year customer

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Yikes in Pickering May 29, 2019
...Terrible customer service and would not address my concerns when I called customer service numerous times. Manager encouraged me to look elsewhere for insurance so I took them up on their offer and ended up saving over 400$ per year. Had both autos and home insurance with them; saved on both. Learned later that they had not rated me for many of the discounts that I could have received including winter tires, low KM's driven and they inexplicably had me down as using one of the vehicles for business use- all wrong. Was paying higher than I should have for over 2 years- they could not have cared less. Terrible claims experience too, was willing to ignore that and stay with them, but changed my mind after this last experience...
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Insurance premium increase

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Steve Feb 13, 2019
...They unbelievably contacted me to justify their increases. Below are their communications and my response: The statistics tell the story. There are several factors that impact the premiums Canadian drivers pay today. Here are some facts and stats to help you better understand: Distracted driving has become a widespread problem across Canada; there’s more distraction on the roads than ever. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal collisions Canada-wide and is responsible for a greater percentage of road fatalities than impaired driving. Drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident or near-crash situation. While vehicles are technologically more advanced and do a great job of keeping Canadians safe, their high tech components are also more expensive to repair, which contributes to increased claims costs. A simple fender bender now costs thousands of dollars to fix, which was not the case before. 4 tips to help keep your premium down. Even if you have little control over the stats and facts stated above, there are ways to be proactive! Take a look at the tips below to help lower your auto insurance premium. Stay claims and conviction-free. To this day, being a careful and focused driver remains the best way to avoid an accident. Not only can distracted driving compromise your safety and other people’s, but you could also end up getting a ticket or getting into an accident, which both impact auto insurance premiums. Insure all your vehicles with us. The math is simple: the more vehicles you insure with your insurer, the more you save. Reduce coverage on older vehicles. If you own an older car that’s not worth repairing, consider removing the Collision and Comprehensive coverages. Consider a usage-based driving program. Sign up for a usage-based driving program. You could receive an additional discount on your premium for having good driving habits. Get informed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This email is insulting. I don’t have time to rant on about the Ontario insurance industry, which is known for collusion and corruption, but here are some key points to consider before sending messages like this to your clients. 1) Neither my wife nor I are distracted drivers, so why are our premiums increasing for a second consecutive year? Make the offenders pay more. 2) We don’t drive expensive to repair vehicles. Increase premiums for the wealthy who drive expensive cars. 3) We are claims and conviction free, yet we continue to be penalized financially. 4) Why is our home insurance also increasing significantly for the second year consecutively? 4) For what it is worth, I registered a complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman. I certainly hope Desjardins improves their client-retention marketing and communication strategies. We’ll be shopping around for our renewal unless Desjardin significantly improves their offering...
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