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Very rude

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by GlenP Nov 21, 2017
...My wife's car was rear-ended; not her fault. Once they approved the estimate, the repair shop advised us it would be done in 2 weeks. The adjuster told us we could only have the rental for ten days "because that's the time our preferred shop would take". We had to fight back and forth for extension. Very rude on the phone, left my wife shaking. He told her she "needs to put pressure on the repair shop". That's his job. We have a contractual right to pick whatever shop we choose and it doesn't say if we don't pick their shop that they can short us on the rental. Then the shop had to re-order a part because the part their estimator ordered was the wrong part. That added 2 days to the repair but the adjuster only approved 1 extra day. We had to fight again to get the extension that was caused by their mistake. Last minute we find out, from the car rental place, that the adjuster told them to bill us directly instead of billing Desjardin, and we could "apply" for reimbursement. Outrageous, terrible service...
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Rude agents on phone

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by vikas56 Nov 05, 2017
...I had a horrendous experience with a Desjardins agent on the phone, when I inquired as to why my insurance had been arbitrarily jacked up in the middle of a term. She was very controlling and rude and . It is my money that I am paying and need to know where it is going. When the time for renewal came up, I took my business elsewhere...
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Awful service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Adriana S. Sep 05, 2017
...After 7 years, they could not cover me more. I did not have any accidents or tickets, I just move, but the agent on the phone was horrendous. simply horrendous!!!
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