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Ridiculous Price Increase

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Aaron Feb 24, 2020
...The first year our insurance was $170.00 The following year it went up to 194.00 (for no reason – we had no traffic violations, a decent (2018 - so at this point a one-year-old) car. Our new quote is now $287.00. No claims have been made, nothing has happened. No tickets, no accidents, nothing. This is insane...
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So far so....bad!

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Frustrated Fella Sep 27, 2019
...I was with State Farm for a good while and never had one problem with them, always helpful friendly people who weren't afraid to be in touch if something was amiss. Then came Desjardins... I decided to stay the course and give them a chance expecting to get similar good service and my rates stayed about the same. Yes they called and said they would like to arrange a meet and greet at their office, they were even quick to get me quotes on vehicles I was shopping around for but that's where the pleasantries ended! I've always owned cheap, used vehicles and have always insured them with liability and comprehensive ALWAYS AND ONLY. After a little chat with them recently it appears one of my vehicles for some reason has collision on it and the other is missing the comprehensive... I've never changed my policies (no reason to) and I'll admit maybe I haven't read every little word on every little piece of mail I've gotten from them but considering I brought to their attention that I wouldn't have changed my policies and some kind of error must have occurred during the changeover you would think that they would take some time to investigate the matter but no. I had an answer much too brief and quick to have been taken seriously. I shopped around and found better service at a much better price (saving $500+/year) with more flexibility and options! "We dont want to lose your business" I was told, well talk is cheap and actions speak volumes to me! Not only can they not even come close to matching another reputable company with a local office to keep my business but they won't take the time to investigate a potential internal error they may have made during the changeover, I can't say I feel as if I'm being very well taken care of. Oh, how I miss State Farm...
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