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Just Worst

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by CM Sep 10, 2019
...I am a new driver here in Canada, I just arrived here last April 2019. A friend of mine gave me her old Toyota Corolla, and to be able to register this car under my name and to have a licence plate, I need to have car insurance first. So here we go: August 2 - I went to their website to get an online quote. I found the price of premium reasonable so I called their hotline to finalize my quote. Right after my conversation with their agent/staff, they sent me an email asking for the following documentation: Current pictures of the vehicle, VIN and odometer showing the actual mileage, my driver's licence and a copy of Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) from Service Ontario. August 9 - I already gathered all the required documents and saved it in a compressed folder (.zip file) and sent it to (Underwriting Department). I DID NOT receive any confirmation that they received my email so after a few days, I called them and they did tell me that they received my email and told me to wait up to 14 business days for my application to be processed. August 20 - "Wait up to 14 business days" doesn't mean that it will take exactly 14 days to process, right? So I called them again just to know the status of my application and to my disappointment, the staff said that there was a remark on their system that they couldn't open my file as it was in .zip file. THEY SHOULD'VE RESPOND to my email in the first place and told me that they can't open it so I can resend it individually. BUT THEY DID NOT. It took 11 days before I knew that they can't open my files. So I resent the files that day. I called them several times like every after 3 days to know the status of my application or if they've already seen my email. And they said that the last remark was the same "file couldn't open" meaning they don't bother opening their emails. September 3 - I called AGAIN and the staff said the same thing but this staff assisted me nicely and that's the only time my files got a stamp "received" and told me to wait until 14 business days from the day I resent them. I resent those files on August 20, so today, September 10 is the 14th-day mark. TODAY, September 10 - I called them again and they said that THEY WILL CALL ME after 14 business days from the day they put a stamp on my files. So that would be 14 business days STARTING FROM SEPTEMBER 3! So I have to wait again for at least 2 weeks. I've applied to other companies as well. I'm just so PISSED and DISAPPOINTED with Desjardins. Do NOT engage with them...
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Terrible customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nicki Jul 30, 2019
...I tried to get a quote from different companies. Dejardins had the best price for me, so I decided to go with that. They asked me for a lot of documents (which other companies never asked for) and explained that it was because of the area I lived in. I sent everything to them within hours, let them know that it's urgent. I was told it might take a couple of days...It took them 2 weeks!!! My quote was declined because "carfax report is more than a year old", which was not true. During this waiting period, I was calling and emailing them, asking what I could do to make the process go faster. It seemed like my agent didn't even care. I found a different company online, got my quote and purchased insurance within 15 minutes max. No extra pictures or papers required. Dejardins has terrible customer service. If you see bad reviews, trust them...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ripped off May 05, 2019
...After doing hoops to get a bare minimum quote for decals I emailed the adjuster and he refused to give me the minimum $500 he promised and told me to drive out of town and get it done. I told him the quote was just what I got from the nearest decal shop and not the real cost which would be much more. I did not get my $500. As well my $14000 new car with replacement insurance had $11,000 damage but they would not replace it so now I can't even sell it...
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Tried 2 get Quote and ran away

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Ronz Mar 08, 2019
...I tried to get a quote from these guys and I ran away with my life. I am used to dealing with professional insurance agents (like TD). The customer service team was totally unprofessional, intimidating and disrespectful, felt like I was in front of their house begging for something. If the quoting process is this frustrating, I can't imagine how the claim process works. They rudely interrupted me and hung up the call without a proper closing...
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Really deceptive agents

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Maximus Feb 15, 2019
...They gave me a quote for $1900 and as soon as I signed, the quote was raised to $2880. And then the crazy part was when they told me they don’t remember giving me the quote. And then they got me with a $215 cancellation fee. I don’t recommend this company to anybody out there...
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