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Cancelled my insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Pat May 11, 2019
...They cancelled my insurance because of a communication error about the transfer of my plates from Ontario to Quebec. I forwarded them the proof that it was done, and they said: "we didn't get it, there are other forms of communication blah blah blah...." The lady told me to e-mail the proof! Anyway, the customer service is ridiculous, and now I will likely have to pay higher premiums somewhere else because of them. Go somewhere else!!!...
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Safety and 65% increase!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Raja J Apr 09, 2019
...My insurance was cancelled while I was travelling. I received no email or text of this happening. I only found out after coming home and reading my mail. Had I not seen my mail prior to driving I could have hit someone or killed someone with no insurance! When I tried to reinstate my insurance they raised it 65%! They don't care they are putting public safety at risk or see any validity that they are part of the problem by not updating their system...
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Really deceptive agents

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Maximus Feb 15, 2019
...They gave me a quote for $1900 and as soon as I signed, the quote was raised to $2880. And then the crazy part was when they told me they don’t remember giving me the quote. And then they got me with a $215 cancellation fee. I don’t recommend this company to anybody out there...
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Worst Insurance Company ever!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by 12345 Dec 25, 2018
...It's been 8 years that I was using this insurance company. Never in 8 years I got into an accident or any claim. In October 2018 I got into an accident at no fault. It was a very minor accident. It took 1 and a half month to fix my car. Finally got my car fixed. After a month I was travelling out of the country and wanted to put my car on storage. And I came to know that this company is about to cancel my policy because they wanted some documents signed from me. And I never received any documents due to Canada post strike. And I called them, I told them I never got any document from you yet, so finally they were like okay, you can download that document online. I was like ok, no problem, I will fill this and send over to you guys. After another week I got a letter saying that they cannot renew my policy because they never got the document. So I was speaking to an agent, I explained her I am going out of the country within 4 days. There is a Canada post strike going, you should be getting that soon. So that agent replied me saying, I am sorry "we are not Canada post, Canada post strike is not our problem". So I said ok, so am I responsible for Canada post strike? This company sucks, the agents have no respect towards a customer. They hang up on you when you demand to speak with a manager. This company is a useless piece of crap. Agents are extremely rude, no respect, no sense of responsibility towards the customers. I would suggest everybody never ever go with this company...
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Never go with these scammers!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dean Nov 01, 2018
...Charge a hefty cancellation fee! More than 1K, just for cancelling auto insurance. Never indicate in advance their insurance is indeed a contract with heavy fees to break! Worst insurance to deal with...
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