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Disgusting service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disgusting service Apr 29, 2020
...I was stopped for a school bus in November and a car rear-ended me. Took my truck to the body shop they recommend, I specifically requested they check for frame damage. However, they were too lazy to remove the rear bumper to check the frame. The quote they submitted to Desjardins insurance was approved but some parts were not available. My insurance adjuster was unable from mid-November until January 6. So finally I picked up my untouched truck and took it home. Removed the bumper to find the frame was indeed damaged. The next day took back to the body shop for more pictures, which they reluctantly did. Then I sent my own pictures to insurance. Because parts were not available all they offered was the price of new parts and that’s all. So I took it to another certified body shop that actually looked at the frame damage. They did up a quote to fix everything, however, they still can get some parts. So I did a third quote, frame repair, parts and a fabrication shop to make the parts that were unavailable. Now my adjuster was unreachable for 4 weeks. Finally, they sent an appraiser at the end of March. He said there was rust on my truck so they could replace it with a rusty used bumper. He did actually locate a bumper and hitch 2000 km away in Nova Scotia. I ordered the part and had it shipped. Now I was starting to lose patients with this whole performance so back to the second body shop for a new quote using the used parts. The new quote was $300 more than the original quote, this one included the frame repair. After a week or so the appraiser calls the body shop and basically yelled at them that they charge too much and the quote was too much. The quote was $3,800 to fix it, after this, I got feed up informed the body shop to proceed with the repair and bill me directly. The insurance appraiser sent an offer of $1,400 after another 2 weeks of waiting. They sent a big email patting themselves on the back about coming to a deal. The only problem is it’s off by $2,400. So I stopped contacting the insurance company and started talking to a lawyer. We are almost in May now, so 5 1/2 months and my no-fault accident cost me over $2,400 and I haven’t driven my truck since November. I was with them for about 20 years with no claims, this was my first one. So do not give your business to these crooks. They will try to screw you. They definitely don’t deserve any stars...
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Avoid Desjardin

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DD Apr 09, 2020
...Following an accident Desjardin Insurance refused to have the vehicle checked for hidden mechanical damages, clearly stating in the email 'we usually don't do it'. They only agreed to an alignment, which was NOT done as per vehicle specification. The car did not behave on the road the way it was supposed to. When I brought up the issue with Complaint Liaison Officer, after 6 months of phone calls and emails that were never replied to, I was flat said I should have asked to have the vehicle checked after the accident. Which I did. The Complaint Liaison Officer answer was - 'well, I would have not changed anything anyway'. What a joke!...
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Accident claim mishandled

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dasa T. Mar 07, 2020
...Following an accident, where I was at no fault, Desjardin Insurance refused to have my vehicle checked for mechanical issues. Finally, they agreed to perform alignment, which was not done as per my vehicle's manufacturer specification. The alignment was done by Desjardin authorized mechanic, who magically adjusted non-adjustable parameters. The car was sliding on the road and Desjardin Insurance ignores the vehicle's manufacturer specification and does not respond to my emails on time. Ombudsman doesn't respond at all. Additionally, during renewal, my insurance went significantly up...
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Customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mike Oct 23, 2019
...Good afternoon! I want to share a story that happened almost two weeks ago. 10/11/2019 at about 7 p.m. I was driving to training and at the intersection when turning right, I hit the rear bumper in front of a travelling car. The speed of my car was about 3-5 km / h. We went out and inspected the injuries with the Mitsubishi driver. A scratch of about 6 cm in length was found, the paint was not peeled off. The girl said that there is no reason to apply to the insurance, that everything is fine, but just in case, she wants to take information from my insurance company. She took a photo, I took a photo of her car just in case, and we parted. After 12 days, they called me from the insurance and said that she filed a request for repair. 10/23/2019 I called the insurance and tried to find out how the process will occur. I explained that the car was not damaged, I also sent a photo of Mitsubishi on which it is even difficult to consider a scratch. The representative of the insurance company said that she can do this and the insurance will repair the car. I completely agree that it was my fault, but the car drove after this for almost two weeks and no one knows what could happen during this time. Also, I did not receive an answer on how I can protect my testimony and reputation. I was told that a person can apply for repairs within a year after an accident. So if I’m responsible and have to pay for something I didn’t do. I thought that my insurance company believes its customers and will help them in any situation, and even more so to prevent fraud and illegal actions! No one should be responsible for what he did not do and there is a law for this...
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Great customer service

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Pavan Oct 15, 2019
...Great Experience... When I was met with an accident, they handled the case with grace and ensured that my car was repaired and brought back to the earlier condition. Highly recommend...
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