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Category: Second Driver
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Arrogant /Brainless behavior

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by Desjardin Bullying Costumers Sep 13, 2018
...I am insured to drive occasionally my sister's and brother-in-law's cars. I am going to move soon to another city, so I gave my car to my sister so she can be the owner, she can sell it or do whatever she wants with it. She wanted to put me on her insurance for this car, so until I move away I can have a car to drive sometimes if I need, but ARROGANT and (I am not saying this to offend this guy) STUPID ( literally stupid I am not kidding) Desjardin representative told me I can't be insured for this car, he is not going to put me in insurance for this car... AND I am still insured for the first two cars????!!!!! HOW???? That made us angry and we found better insurance, much cheaper and I am registered without extra cost. So my advice is don't use Desjardin and keep calling other insurances to check your options...
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