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Assurance médicale

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by IAbad Feb 14, 2018
...Leur procédure pour le remboursement des frais médicaux est atroce. Leur service client laisse à désirer. Ils s'appellent maintenant IA assurance. Leur grand-pêre est Hiha Tremblay parce qu'ils sont une vraie "joke"!
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Did you know that Ontarians pay, on average, $47/month in homeowners insurance? Looking to change your home insurance or simply want ensure that you do not overpay? Our home insurance quotes are among the most competitive.

This company is disgusting.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mustanghorse Jan 02, 2018
...This company is disgusting how they treat their customers. They are quick to take your money but try every dirty trick in the book to avoid paying out what they owe. Even a minimal amount. They will delay and avoid paying what they owe to deter you from claiming. Do not be fooled by the glossy brochures. They will take you for anything that they can, even a small amount...
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Worst compagny ever!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by alexk Aug 04, 2017
...I've been insured with Industrial alliance for 1 year and the next year my premium sky rocketed. Not only this but the claim wasn't quick to solve...
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Households in Alberta pay, on average, approximately $60/month in homeowners’ insurance costs. We can help to push these costs even further down. Get a house insurance quote today to start saving today. Rates start at $20/month.

Wait way to long for claims.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by rmclaug1 May 25, 2016
...I have been waiting since May 03 for $1000.00 claim of my Flex Account. On my fourth call right now. All forms filled out correctly. They made error on spouse insurance which was clearly marked on my form. Let my claim sit from May 11 to May 18 without contacting me. Now May 25 and I am told I still have to wait until Monday for processing. After speaking with manager, she says she cannot help me. Very frustrating to wait 1 month almost now for the simplest of claims possible. I had a similar issue with them last year when I claimed on Dec 14 2015 173.00 and received payment Feb 22 2016. Then one For period Jan 15 2014 to Feb 15 2014 for 528.00 paid out on April 23 2014. One for period June 06 2014 paid out on Nov 27 2014. Unfortunately stuck with Industrial Alliance because this is my works Insurer...
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