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House fire claim so far.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Johny Sep 05, 2019
...Do not buy insurance with Intact!!! My townhouse was recently destroyed by water and fire due to a unit that was attached to mine started the fire. Most of my belongings were intact but damaged by water from firefighters protecting the spread of this fire. The adjuster I got came out and was very sweet and kind at first when we met her the same day of the fire. The things changed quickly when we met her again to do a walkthrough. Made me buy hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe boots and face mask with my own money! My wife is pregnant so we had her sister come along. So I had to supply all that stuff myself. Then she accused me of not trusting her because all I wanted to do was walk through my house and take pictures of all my belonging so I can have a photographic memory of what I lose, so I can claim it. That seems like a normal thing any homeowner would do when something like this happens. She just cared about me signing papers to hand over my house to them to destroy and raid. Anyways there a lot more things and that's all I have been through so far. I am still in the process of recovering my things but I'm terrified of what will happen next because these people working on my claim give zero remorse and let you know right away through the things they say, body language and how they act that they just hear to save the company money and that they don't see you as innocent victim that you. Moving my insurance for sure after I'm done dealing with them! Feels like a nightmare!!! Being a victim of a house fire and also knowing that your insurance doesn't have your back while this process still ongoing...
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Beware of Intact/Spriggs

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JC Aug 21, 2019
...Spriggs broker did not inform the customer that they couldn't get home insurance with Wawanesa and attempted to sneak in renewal with Intact Instead. Now Spriggs and Intact say Customer is on the hook for a cancellation fee - for a policy that was never authorized by the customer in the first place...
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Excellent Service

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Susan Jul 03, 2019
...In May 2017 a car went through our fence and we tried to go through Autopac which was a nightmare. We were told to go through our home insurance. We had been with Wawanesa Insurance for 15 years never had a claim then we had hail damage and someone came out to check the roof. He said Wawanesa will not cover it. I told him that both neighbors either side had new roofs from their insurance and he said: "well, they probably didn't have Wawanesa because their criteria are high". They did not, they both had Intact Insurance. So I changed immediately. Two years later a car goes through my fence and I contacted my Intact adjuster and he had someone come out and look at the fence, got 3 quotes and gave us the price of the middle quote. They replaced my whole fence 145 feet. They were fast, efficient and professional. I am very surprised at all these negative reviews. But my experience was excellent and I would highly recommend them...
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Will never make a claim again

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JBD Feb 28, 2019
...We had a pipe burst in our bathroom and called Intact immediately. This was on a Saturday. They said they would send an emergency team that evening to assess damage and help with cleanup. No one came Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. On Tuesday a contractor finally showed up to take measurements and then no one came back until Thursday. They still didn't start work for several days and even then, only put on some heaters and took down half of the drywall and floor (leaving me to do the rest). When Intact got back to me about the contractor's estimate, they basically gave me the option of paying $2000 out of pocket to have the room put back by the contractor, or I could take a $2200 cheque to do the job myself. This was based on an estimate of over $9000 for the work. I went over and over with the adjuster that I shouldn't have to be out of pocket to simply put my bathroom back to how it was, but I received no help and terse answers to every question I had. No flexibility was shown, nor any sort of empathy or concern. When I said that no one could redo an entire bathroom (including buying a new shower and vanity, and all drywall, insulation, flooring etc.) I was told, "You're right, but you still have to pay"...
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Contacting Intack

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by paulr Jul 25, 2018
...I have been trying to get a claim finalized for a flood that happened in October 2017. The claim representative stopped communicating with me in April 2018. Now 9 months later I reported the problems I've been having to the rep's manager who apologized for the long delay and promised to get back to me the next day. That was the last I heard from her. My broker has not been any help. Have you had any success in going up the chain of command? How did you do it?...
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Horrible company to deal with

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Appalled Customer May 24, 2018
...Never had an insurance claim ever. Determined a water leak at a lower wall behind a dresser. Called Intact insurance, girl who answered was unpleasant, unhelpful and stated that we needed to hire someone at our expense to determine the water leak. Company assigned Todd D as the adjuster. Let me just say that this individual lacks customer service to the extreme. He never visited the house to inspect, he assigned someone he knew Onside restoration just as terrible a company who sent a third party to inspect the house water leak. This was not systematic, I had to continuously call and message to put things in action. Todd D lacked communication from the start (extremely hands-off), never provided a status at each stage, I had to continuously call. He should NOT be an estimator. I not only question the company but their hiring practices as well. Not one person could determine the water leak and with inconclusive data denied the claim which coincidently would have cost me a 1000 dollars for the deductible to begin with. Unfortunately, I was talked into trying Intact insurance, however, I would STRONGLY suggest that you carefully choose another insurance company. Read other reviews, you will notice a common theme. You are better off leaving your house uninsured than to choose Intact insurance. I wish there were negative stars to rate this company...
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Avoid this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dawna Mar 05, 2018
...Horrible, horrible company! I was a faithful customer for over 25 years and never even made one claim (not even during the dreaded ice storm). Had to cancel my insurance because I was moving to another province. Intact continued my policy regardless and is now charging me for 3 more months, even though I did not live there. Have tried over and over to explain this to their broker, but it fell on deaf ears and they have now put the case into collections, without addressing my correspondence. I have no choice except to pay for a service I did not want. Their commercial about caring about people is laughable, to say the least. Find a better company that treats their clients properly...
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