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Claim closed w/out my knowledg

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unk Feb 20, 2019
...I am so pissed and frustrated with this company. They freaking closed my claim without my approval, I was shocked. I called them and asked for an explanation but the only explanation they had was that's what it shows on the system. I said I want to talk with a person who is handling my claim. He called me and said: oh, since we didn't hear anything from you we thought you don't want to go through with the claim, therefore we closed the claim at the end of December. I was like, seriously, you guys close my claim during the holiday season, it was only month and a half since I made a claim. He asked for more information, which I emailed him after 2 weeks since I had to find all info he asked me to get, I waited for a week for him to respond but there was no response. I called him directly and left a message yet no call from him. A week later emailed him again, still no response... called again 2 more times but he never answers his phone. I called the claim department and the lady who answered said that in their system the person who is handling my claim asked for more info. I said I have already emailed him like 25 days ago and he has not yet responded me back yet, I wanted to ask him what is happening with my claim. Upon that she said: oh, here it says your claim is closed. I was freaking mad, but I calmly said: listen, I already said this before that I never closed my claim. Then she said she will put my claim on alert and put on the system to reopen the claim. Now I don't know when will I get a call from them, but one thing is for sure I am not going to stay with them...
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They are NOT on your side!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Thetruth Apr 22, 2018
...We had a cottage fire. Intact did everything they could to lowball us...delay...not answer emails or calls for months...cause traumatic stress...and engaged in bad faith. We found a lawyer and won. Do NOT speak with them on the phone or at one of their 'meetings'...get EVERYTHING in writing. I would give them 0 stars if I could. Their commercials are complete lies...
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Very difficult to deal with.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by IntactScrewedUs Jan 18, 2018
...We had tenants insurance through Intact. Our basement suite flooded, and Intact was very quick to respond at first. They walked us through every process and packed up our things in a timely matter. HOWEVER, they lost some of our valuables and broke our 55” Samsung smart television upon moving back in. They offered us $500 compensation for the TV which we declined as we just wanted them to replace it. Once we refused to accept the $500, they stopped answering our calls and refused to negotiate. We haven’t heard anything back about our lost and damaged items and every time we try, the person on the other end says “They can’t do anything.” Save yourself the stress and worry and go with an insurance company that actually helps its' customers in times of need...
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Hope you never have a claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by caredss Jan 12, 2018
...I have had two dealings with the claims department, first was our whole neighbourhood was flooded, all my neighbours got paid by their insurance but Intact denied my claim. I went to change insurance companies but was denied because I had a recent claim. Even though I did not receive a payout. 7 months ago I had a break in while on holidays. Did my due diligence and made the police report, the list of loss, got all the prices, then they made me do it a second time and have it notarized. In 7 month I have talked to the adjuster twice, she fails to return phone calls or emails. Called and asked for her supervision, left a message for him to no avail. He never returned my call. Sent an email that I was going to make a formal complaint if I did not get a response, a month later still nothing. Called the complaints officer and was told I could not make a formal complaint until I tried to deal with her manager, proved I did that already and then the story changed so I couldn't make a formal complaint until they did an investigation. I have now had to hire a lawyer and still can't get anywhere with these crooks. The law states you have to have insurance but it appears the insurance company doesn't have to follow the laws or pay you for your losses. I have gone as far as sending them a copy of the insurance laws and highlighted the multiple ones they are breaking or bending, they do not care.They hope you will run out of money to fight them and just go away...
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Horrible and dysfunctional

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sunny Apr 10, 2017
...If I could give them zero stars I would. They're absolutely horrible and unprofessional! I have home insurance with them and opened a claim. An adjuster named Kathy K got in touch with me and came over, along with an engineer and a contractor to look at the damage. After that I visit, 4 months go by and I didn't hear anything from them. So I decided to call Kathy and left her a voice message, waited a day or two for a response but she didn't call back. Then I wrote her an email asking to be updated on the status of the claim and again, no reply. A month later I call the general customer service number and was told that the case was assigned to another adjuster. Her name was Laurie M. So I call Laurie and leave a message with her, she calls me back and I ask her about my claim and she basically has no info. She tells me Kathy is no longer working with them and that she has very minimal notes on the claim. She asks me who the contractor was, and I said shouldn't you have that info? She says ya we should but we don't. Like what the...?! This upset me, because it had been 6 months since they opened the claim and it had gotten nowhere! What does it tell you about an insurance company when they have no idea which contractor they're using? When I asked her why she doesn't have this info, she asks me, "weren't you there when they came to look?" I said yes, she says, "well you should have their info," I said WHAT? This infuriated me! I said YOU'RE supposed to have all this info, not me! The only info I have is the adjuster's name and the claim number. She tells me "well we might have to start over on this claim again," I said no, that is unacceptable! 6 months have gone by and now you're telling me we have to start over again? What a joke of a company! She tells me she'll try her best, and I said what does that mean? She literally said nothing! I was appalled! Like who hired this person?! I ask about her superior's info and she only gives me the name, not the contact info. When I ask for the boss's email or phone she tells me to call the 1-800. I said can you just give me her phone number, I don't wanna call the general number and be put on hold and she flat out refused! She talked to me in a very rude and condescending tone, as if all this was my fault! And to top it all of, she hung up on me. Safe to say, I won't be renewing my policy with them, and I would suggest others not to do so as well! This company is both dysfunctional and incompetent...
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