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Quick to cancel policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vic B May 03, 2019
...While I would have rated Intact higher on customer service for the people who I actually worked with while processing a claim, their follow-up dismissal of me as a client after only one processed claim and refusal to work with me to maintain my status as their client is ridiculous. As new homeowners, we called our insurance provider, at the time Intact, to ask for advice on our policy after finding water in the basement. After speaking with the Intact personnel, and discovering that the claim was not eligible we did not process one. Due to their system of automatically opening a claim we officially "withdrew the claim" within 1 hour of opening it. We then fixed the water issue out of pocket to avoid future issues. One year later we received a letter that Intact was cancelling our policy for multiple claims within a three year period, even though they acknowledged that we only actually processed one claim. When we tried to work with the company by informing them that we had fixed the issue out of pocket within one month of getting their dismissal letter (and hadn't had time yet to inform them of the upgrade) they still refused to keep us as clients. Due to the dismissal of an insurance company against us, we are now paying for alternative insurance at a higher rate as a penalty. Intact never reached out to us and wouldn't work with us on how to maintain our client status and although we paid much more for their service than we ever received in the one claim, they removed us with very little notice. Would never recommend Intact insurance...
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leak in condo

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by HO Apr 16, 2019
...We had a leak in the condo more than 4 weeks ago, the insurance showed up once to see and since then nothing happened, they don't even take our calls. This leak is affecting 4 apartments. Now we're on our 5th week still waiting. Worst experience ever...
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Hope you never have a claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by caredss Jan 12, 2018
...I have had two dealings with the claims department, first was our whole neighbourhood was flooded, all my neighbours got paid by their insurance but Intact denied my claim. I went to change insurance companies but was denied because I had a recent claim. Even though I did not receive a payout. 7 months ago I had a break in while on holidays. Did my due diligence and made the police report, the list of loss, got all the prices, then they made me do it a second time and have it notarized. In 7 month I have talked to the adjuster twice, she fails to return phone calls or emails. Called and asked for her supervision, left a message for him to no avail. He never returned my call. Sent an email that I was going to make a formal complaint if I did not get a response, a month later still nothing. Called the complaints officer and was told I could not make a formal complaint until I tried to deal with her manager, proved I did that already and then the story changed so I couldn't make a formal complaint until they did an investigation. I have now had to hire a lawyer and still can't get anywhere with these crooks. The law states you have to have insurance but it appears the insurance company doesn't have to follow the laws or pay you for your losses. I have gone as far as sending them a copy of the insurance laws and highlighted the multiple ones they are breaking or bending, they do not care.They hope you will run out of money to fight them and just go away...
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They don't care!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Truthful Jun 07, 2017
...Don't bother making a complaint. They don't care. Intact insurance is only available through brokers and when the broker isn't available or doesn't call back when you need them... Intact doesn't care! You can complain until you are spitless. In Québec you have access to a level 1 customer support person who will just take notes and call back...guess who??? Your broker! Perhaps in Ontario where you have access to an Ombudsman when level one is not satisfactory... it might be better. In Québec service is pathetic. I can't even imagine if I was making a claim...I was just trying to give them more business and they don't seem to care whether they get it or not. What a waste of my time!...
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Intacts lacks ethics & Morals

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Angry beyond belief May 18, 2017
If I could give Intact a - rating, I would. After the loss of our home, garage and all contents in a wildfire event, Intact opened a claim immediately. If not for the fact that it was a nationally recognized catastrophic event well within the public's, I feel that this would have been a nightmare to deal with as well. How bad are they? Where do I start? Our first encounter with an Intact representative was our adjuster. She explained that it was Intact policy that items such as fridge, stove, dishwasher, custom blinds etc, pretty much "what ever you would normally leave in a house when you sold it would be covered under house rebuild. The adjuster gave us a nice glossy phamplet stating as much. After submitting our schedule of loss for our contents, which showed an $80,000 loss on our part, our adjuster told us that due to the fact that "people in our particular region had "upscale appliances, intact would now be submitting our appliances and custom blinds in to our contents coverage which would have resulted in an addition $20,000 loss on our part. This decision was only made by Intact after they were provided our contents list. Apperntly, changing the "rules mid game is alright if you are an insurance firm". Second major issue arose when I analyzed our policy and noticed that we had been charged for a provision that allowed for a cash settlement. When I inquired about this provision , it was stated that I was not eligible for this provision. I then argued as to why we weee being charged for it then. Third major issue arose when we provided economic evidence of a specific type of inflation that results only after catastrophic events. Based on the standard provision of "inflation protection", our limits of insurance were subject to charge based on the "inflation rate" at play. After repeated shady responses for Intact representatives, basically, they did not acknowledge our concerns or questions what so ever and just pressed forward with out explaination or cause, I researched and read the intro to insurance law and the first principal of insurance law states, "if any provision in a policy is ambiguous by nature, the definition that is in the best interest of the policy holder is used as the contract/policy is written by the insurance firm and it is their due diligence to explicit in their meanings. This became an issue as rebuilding costs increased over 100% due to the magnitude of the catastrophic event, the already hyperinflated economy in this particular region, the remoteness of the affected region and the fact that the house building industry has been flatlined due to the current economic recession. Intact instead offered 1% inflation as this was "national average" but we were not experiencing "national average" inflation but rather demand surge inflation. Forth and most aggravating issue we have encountered was after filing our proof of loss and commencing legal proceedings, a year in to this process, after receiving delayed and overdue by sometimes 5-6 months ALE payments the entire time, resulting in immense financial pressure, Intact stated that they would cease all ALE payments from this point onward and withhold any and all other coverages due to the fact that we would be going to court to argue the amounts. Even though this is a clear breach of contract, Intact is well aware of the fact that it will take close to 8-9 months to seek an intermediate court date to get a ruling on the ALE payments that we would most likely never get to as we will have been bankrupted by that time. How this can be considered "negotiating in good faith" is beyond me. If this is how they treat customers who have lost everything in the world, I can not imagine how they would treat those who sustained smaller losses. Horrible firm and STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
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