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Will never make a claim again

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by JBD Feb 28, 2019
...We had a pipe burst in our bathroom and called Intact immediately. This was on a Saturday. They said they would send an emergency team that evening to assess damage and help with cleanup. No one came Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. On Tuesday a contractor finally showed up to take measurements and then no one came back until Thursday. They still didn't start work for several days and even then, only put on some heaters and took down half of the drywall and floor (leaving me to do the rest). When Intact got back to me about the contractor's estimate, they basically gave me the option of paying $2000 out of pocket to have the room put back by the contractor, or I could take a $2200 cheque to do the job myself. This was based on an estimate of over $9000 for the work. I went over and over with the adjuster that I shouldn't have to be out of pocket to simply put my bathroom back to how it was, but I received no help and terse answers to every question I had. No flexibility was shown, nor any sort of empathy or concern. When I said that no one could redo an entire bathroom (including buying a new shower and vanity, and all drywall, insulation, flooring etc.) I was told, "You're right, but you still have to pay"...
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Poor excuse for Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy Jun 06, 2017
...April 3 2017 we had a water leak. Intact had a contractor at my house the day after to look at damage. Day 3 we had emergency work done. TWO months later and we have had no resolution what so ever. Not one person is in communication with the other. The contractor says one thing the insurance company says the exact opposite. We are still stuck with this insurance company. Customer service has been awful and are not helpful at all. This company passes the buck from one to another. I feel this will be an all summer fight for what we pay for. Avoid at all costs. Go elsewhere for insurance it is not worth the hassle and stress this company puts its paying customers through. They make no extra effort into helping...
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