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Effective and Hassle Free

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by KL Apr 07, 2020
...My condo unit was seriously damaged by a visitor of my tenant. A sprinkler was broken which resulted in a flood damaging a lot of other suites in the building. INTACT communicated seamlessly with the insurer and me. I’m very satisfied with their service. I’m in Vancouver BC...
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Water damage claim.

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Shammy Jan 20, 2020
...I had a sink water supply line burst on October 5th, 2019. Despite being home at the time and catching it fairly quickly, the water ran down through the main floor below and then into the basement. After dealing with the emergency, walls were opened up and dried for about a week. We continued living in our home (family of 4) with only 1 working bathroom until Dec 1st when we moved out to a local hotel for 7 weeks. I had a local restoration company deal with the emergency and demo and then I took the "payout" option to hire my own contractors to put everything back together. I was very happy with Intact and my claims representative was fantastic. I recommend patience initially as it takes time for everything to get sorted out. Once things got going, it went very smoothly. I also recommend paying a bit extra in your policy to have "Claims Advantage" which protects your first claim from increases. Glad we had that...
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2 Claims, 0 Problems

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Rock Star Gar Aug 05, 2019
...I have had two claims with Intact. First was when my car was broken into and all of my music gear was stolen. The cost was substantial with a $3200 guitar, $2200 amplifier, $1000 microphone and a lot more for accessories. My auto insurance (comprehensive) had to take care of the smashed rear window, but minus the deductible, Intact cut a check for the rest, asking only for quotes for replacement. For most, I was able to provide receipts and those values were covered. For my guitar, I showed online prices in Canada from music shops and that was covered as well, all with the amount for sales tax and GST. The adjuster was polite, stayed in contact and the whole process was over with very quickly. The 2nd was a water damage claim. When replacing my carpets, I was installing new carpet rack strips where the old ones were but had to put the nails in the concrete sun-floor about an inch from the holes left by the old ones. On the LAST strip, the nail hit a water line, sending a stream of water up like a fountain. In my condo, the water shut off valve was hard to get to, with my hand too big to reach between the wall stud and another pipe between the opening and the valve. By the time I forced my hand through by dislocating three fingers at the top knuckle, my hall was under inches of water and the two suites below me were just disaster areas. I have done everything from building condos from the foundation up to roofing, flooring/tiling, carpentry, drywall, electrical and owner's side plumbing. What I found when the subflooring was chipped away to repair the water line was that it was left free-floating when the sun floor was poured and was only less than a 1/4 of an inch under the floor. The nails for carpet tack strips are 5/16" long, with just the tip puncturing the line. How the original installers never hit the line is beyond me, but at that exact spot, it crossed the line where the strips are and was raised just enough in that spot to create that flukey situation. I described this scenario because Intact could have been total assholes, looking for negligence to skirt their involvement. Instead, they went to bat for me. They sent crews and an adjuster immediately, said they would cover the costs of food, hotel, pay me for any work I did, cut me a $1000 check for the condo's $10k deductible I had to pay a thousand of, reimbursed me for the ruined carpet and underlay I just installed and compensated me and my son for each hour we had to move things around and get the house back to normal. They even calculated an amount for my inconvenience that covered my $1000 deductible. All funds were paid quickly and they kept my file open until everything was settled just in case there were any further out of pocket costs. The crews and plumber were paid directly as well. So, in both experiences, I have very little to complain about. One minor disagreement on value, but a far cry from getting ripped off by them. Remember, out of millions of consumers, only a few with bad experiences are usually motivated to post their experiences, usually out of spite. If everyone with good experiences posted, the few with complaints would be lost in the shuffle. My previous insurance company was terrible and their lack of value to me led to the switch to Intact, where I have been very pleased by their rates (in comparison of course), customer service and their follow-through during both claims. My second claim adjuster was brand new to the business and offering her a little patience didn't hurt while she consulted her way through the job and in the end, she did fantastically. The first was just pro all the way through...
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leak in condo

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by HO Apr 16, 2019
...We had a leak in the condo more than 4 weeks ago, the insurance showed up once to see and since then nothing happened, they don't even take our calls. This leak is affecting 4 apartments. Now we're on our 5th week still waiting. Worst experience ever...
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Will never make a claim again

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JBD Feb 28, 2019
...We had a pipe burst in our bathroom and called Intact immediately. This was on a Saturday. They said they would send an emergency team that evening to assess damage and help with cleanup. No one came Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. On Tuesday a contractor finally showed up to take measurements and then no one came back until Thursday. They still didn't start work for several days and even then, only put on some heaters and took down half of the drywall and floor (leaving me to do the rest). When Intact got back to me about the contractor's estimate, they basically gave me the option of paying $2000 out of pocket to have the room put back by the contractor, or I could take a $2200 cheque to do the job myself. This was based on an estimate of over $9000 for the work. I went over and over with the adjuster that I shouldn't have to be out of pocket to simply put my bathroom back to how it was, but I received no help and terse answers to every question I had. No flexibility was shown, nor any sort of empathy or concern. When I said that no one could redo an entire bathroom (including buying a new shower and vanity, and all drywall, insulation, flooring etc.) I was told, "You're right, but you still have to pay"...
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Contacting Intack

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by paulr Jul 25, 2018
...I have been trying to get a claim finalized for a flood that happened in October 2017. The claim representative stopped communicating with me in April 2018. Now 9 months later I reported the problems I've been having to the rep's manager who apologized for the long delay and promised to get back to me the next day. That was the last I heard from her. My broker has not been any help. Have you had any success in going up the chain of command? How did you do it?...
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Horrible experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by wa May 31, 2018
...Horrible experience. Had major flood on main floor, insurer was Intact/Belairdirect. Got Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration as part of their Rely Network® to do the work. Clean up crew was great and did a good job drying up and removing damaged materials. Reconstruction crew was horrible. Did not put insulation on exterior walls back properly (basic building code requirement). Did not seal vapor barrier on exterior walls (basic building code requirement). Drywalled over open furnace air returns. Tile installer installed and grouted tiles on same day causing uneven tiles (basic knowledge you need to let tiles set first before grouting). Tiler used my lumber on side of my house for cutting on and then hid it by, put it onto my neighbour’s property. Tiler emptied unused mortar and grout into boxes and left it on my wood floors to get wet. Clean up crew decided to use our laundry dryer to dry their shirt (Wife found the shirt the next day in dryer). Clean up crew did not do a good job cleaning, did not clean interior of reinstalled storage cabinetry, floor properly, and did not remove all flooring protection. Wallpaper order, gave Proclaim our selection for wallpaper soon after flood and found out that they waited a month before ordering from supplier causing at least a 2-week delay in completing our powder room. Having a child potty training is not fun without a powder room. Wallpaper installer did not protect the floor, spent one hour scraping floor as I would not allow their cleaners back in my house after finding the shirt. The list goes on and on…have pictures and emails detailing everything. The painters were great, good job and cleaned up after themselves. Everything was finally done and did receive some compensation for my time but nothing can compensate for the lack of management and poor workmanship...
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Horrible company to deal with

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Appalled Customer May 24, 2018
...Never had an insurance claim ever. Determined a water leak at a lower wall behind a dresser. Called Intact insurance, girl who answered was unpleasant, unhelpful and stated that we needed to hire someone at our expense to determine the water leak. Company assigned Todd D as the adjuster. Let me just say that this individual lacks customer service to the extreme. He never visited the house to inspect, he assigned someone he knew Onside restoration just as terrible a company who sent a third party to inspect the house water leak. This was not systematic, I had to continuously call and message to put things in action. Todd D lacked communication from the start (extremely hands-off), never provided a status at each stage, I had to continuously call. He should NOT be an estimator. I not only question the company but their hiring practices as well. Not one person could determine the water leak and with inconclusive data denied the claim which coincidently would have cost me a 1000 dollars for the deductible to begin with. Unfortunately, I was talked into trying Intact insurance, however, I would STRONGLY suggest that you carefully choose another insurance company. Read other reviews, you will notice a common theme. You are better off leaving your house uninsured than to choose Intact insurance. I wish there were negative stars to rate this company...
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