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What happened to integrity

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ripped Dec 10, 2018
...The only ones who benefit from your claims are the insurance companies including Intact. Our insurance will increase 200.00/year for 5 yrs for a vandalism claim. Most insurance executives live like kings...
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Want to feel like a criminal?

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Reuben Apr 30, 2018
...I had a claim a few years back. I had a small house fire that turned into a nightmare. Their adjuster accused me of wanting to stay in a hotel because it had a water slide. He also kept suggesting that I was trying to get more back than I lost. At the time I had a newborn child and a toddler, a fire was stressful enough without the stress that Intact added. They immediately raised my insurance premium to try and recuperate their loss. Needless to say, I've switched providers and cut Intact's premium in half with better coverage...
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Intact price increases

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by John V.O. Aug 09, 2017
...I am headed to my broker's office shortly. Just got our home insurance renewal. They want $3614.00 per year for a home that is worth only $350,000.00. We have never had a claim with them or anyone else for over 30 years. We have bundled coverage with them, (they have our car insurance), which supposedly will make the package cheaper. Our car insurance is another 1500 bucks per year for 3 cars, 2 drivers with totally clean records. We have had our insurance with this broker since they were Robinson Agencies, many years ago, they are now Western Financial Group. We have never had any water or sewer backup in our home, and have owned it as our primary residence for 18 years at this location. So much for customer loyalty on their behalf. I would not recommend Intact insurance for anyone at this point in time. I am skeptical as to whether they will reduce our costs to comparable companies, so I am definitely shopping for another insurance company. I have heard in the past that it is prudent to change insurance companies every few years, as they become complacent with established customers and your rates just keep going up. I am going to ask them when I go in this morning, to give me a quote as though I am a brand new customer. My brother in law in Calgary has a 2 year old house that is worth a lot more than mine pays 1900 per year for his home insurance. Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps someone...
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Never again!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disgruntled Jul 13, 2017
...I had trees come down on my cottage property.....Intact Insurance did everything possible to give me the least amount of $ and made a promise of not charging me the $1000. deductable because I have never had a claim in 30 years. Then refused. Worst experience ever. I quickly changed companies and saved $300.00...
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Poor CS

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jagger36 May 23, 2017
...I had home insurance with them and they cancelled me so fast when it was time to renew.. i was at one of their offices to pay a claim from them on my deceased mother's file and they never told me about my home insurance being due.. so i missed the deadline.. i received a letter in the mail that they were cancelling my insurance and we had a water issue here in Gatineau where my insurer is located and roads had to be blocked off and i couldn't go to pay my insurance on time so i got penalized for that and now received a registered letter saying they have started to cancel my home insurance.. i find that to be poor customer service at it worst.. The insurance companies claim they have your best interest and they screw you over once they have your money.. CROOKS...
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House insurance renewal

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by YIZ May 02, 2017
...Have dealt with my broker for many years. I had house & car insurance with Intact for a few. Rates kept going up and Aug 2016 had a flat roof drain blocked with debris and heavy rain caused a back-up of water with fell into my kitchen ceiling & dining room wall. Intact was quick to open the claim but no-one came for several days. They, through the evaluator, sent the worst contractor possible. The painting had to be done 3 times in a couple areas but the final repair was only a passable quality- not what Intact claims. The job which would normally be 2-3 weeks maximum was done in 11-12 weeks - wow. Now my renewal is up and my house insurance cost was $1362 last year and has skyrocketed to $1822 this year - increase of 34%. The total damage to the house was $9123, but because there was hardwood floor water damage also and there was no room in the house to store the furniture, so I accepted a cheque of over $2200 and the contractor was paid the balance. I did not have the subcontractor re-do the floor & refinish. Thank God I didn't have the incompetent sub complete the floor refinish. Intact hires the cheapest worst contractors to save money for themselves but jacks the renewal price after. Intact never again - do not go with them either for a house or car insurance. They "seem" okay until there is a claim but then - pow...
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