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Don’t do it

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kelly G. Nov 26, 2019
...I wish I could give them no stars. They are the biggest scam artists and will do anything to take money from people. They will ask for payment without any documents (they do verbal agreements without you seeing any documents...I know, super professional and legit company) and say “Your documents will be sent in the mail. How will you be paying right now?” type of company. I actually thought I was being scammed, that’s how they do business. When I accused them of scamming me, they eventually sent me the proper documents via email (they should’ve done that in the first place like normal companies). I then was going to pay in full when they properly handled things. They said they need to go over the phone conversations and would review my file and let me know...leaving me to wait with my house insurance near the end date. They are now taking me to collections and they are wanting me to pay for them being incompetent. I was forced to go with my other insurance company because I would’ve been without insurance and they were “reviewing” my file. It infuriates me to think of how many people this has happened to. My mortgage company keeps getting cancellation of house insurance letters from them because I am fighting this. Go somewhere else, they have treated me like absolute garbage this whole time and I’m appalled at the way things are being handled. Go with another company! I’m already starting to hear from other people about their experiences. Look at the reviews. This company will be going under for sure. Just want to save people from getting ripped off if I can...
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Choose Elsewhere

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by anderson Oct 08, 2019
...I have had a horrific experience with The Personal. I had a claim and my adjuster was very poor in explaining the process, but mostly guiding the process. I've never experienced such poor customer service. I went nearly a year without any representative providing me with a thorough update on my claim, despite phone calls and emails contacting them. My adjuster was unable to truly assist me. For example, my building had asbestos and she recommended that I take my contaminated belongings to the dump myself. In another instance, she kept calling me at the end of her workday, despite her being in the Atlantic time zone and me being in Mountain time zone so we were never able to connect as I was working and unable to consistently check my phone throughout the day. I asked her to call me in the morning instead so that we could connect better and more efficiently throughout the day. She made me feel guilty for her staying 15 minutes late due to me having a meeting at the end of my work date and being unavailable to take the call sooner despite me asking her to call earlier in the day. After the 13 months that I have been with them, I am cancelling my policy with them. In doing such, they are charging me a cancellation fee as well as increasing my last few months of payments. I do not recommend The Personal to anyone and I will be openly sharing my experience so that others do not have the same experience as me...
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House fire claim so far.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Johny Sep 05, 2019
...Do not buy insurance with Intact!!! My townhouse was recently destroyed by water and fire due to a unit that was attached to mine started the fire. Most of my belongings were intact but damaged by water from firefighters protecting the spread of this fire. The adjuster I got came out and was very sweet and kind at first when we met her the same day of the fire. The things changed quickly when we met her again to do a walkthrough. Made me buy hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe boots and face mask with my own money! My wife is pregnant so we had her sister come along. So I had to supply all that stuff myself. Then she accused me of not trusting her because all I wanted to do was walk through my house and take pictures of all my belonging so I can have a photographic memory of what I lose, so I can claim it. That seems like a normal thing any homeowner would do when something like this happens. She just cared about me signing papers to hand over my house to them to destroy and raid. Anyways there a lot more things and that's all I have been through so far. I am still in the process of recovering my things but I'm terrified of what will happen next because these people working on my claim give zero remorse and let you know right away through the things they say, body language and how they act that they just hear to save the company money and that they don't see you as innocent victim that you. Moving my insurance for sure after I'm done dealing with them! Feels like a nightmare!!! Being a victim of a house fire and also knowing that your insurance doesn't have your back while this process still ongoing...
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Beware of Intact/Spriggs

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JC Aug 21, 2019
...Spriggs broker did not inform the customer that they couldn't get home insurance with Wawanesa and attempted to sneak in renewal with Intact Instead. Now Spriggs and Intact say Customer is on the hook for a cancellation fee - for a policy that was never authorized by the customer in the first place...
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2 Claims, 0 Problems

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Rock Star Gar Aug 05, 2019
...I have had two claims with Intact. First was when my car was broken into and all of my music gear was stolen. The cost was substantial with a $3200 guitar, $2200 amplifier, $1000 microphone and a lot more for accessories. My auto insurance (comprehensive) had to take care of the smashed rear window, but minus the deductible, Intact cut a check for the rest, asking only for quotes for replacement. For most, I was able to provide receipts and those values were covered. For my guitar, I showed online prices in Canada from music shops and that was covered as well, all with the amount for sales tax and GST. The adjuster was polite, stayed in contact and the whole process was over with very quickly. The 2nd was a water damage claim. When replacing my carpets, I was installing new carpet rack strips where the old ones were but had to put the nails in the concrete sun-floor about an inch from the holes left by the old ones. On the LAST strip, the nail hit a water line, sending a stream of water up like a fountain. In my condo, the water shut off valve was hard to get to, with my hand too big to reach between the wall stud and another pipe between the opening and the valve. By the time I forced my hand through by dislocating three fingers at the top knuckle, my hall was under inches of water and the two suites below me were just disaster areas. I have done everything from building condos from the foundation up to roofing, flooring/tiling, carpentry, drywall, electrical and owner's side plumbing. What I found when the subflooring was chipped away to repair the water line was that it was left free-floating when the sun floor was poured and was only less than a 1/4 of an inch under the floor. The nails for carpet tack strips are 5/16" long, with just the tip puncturing the line. How the original installers never hit the line is beyond me, but at that exact spot, it crossed the line where the strips are and was raised just enough in that spot to create that flukey situation. I described this scenario because Intact could have been total assholes, looking for negligence to skirt their involvement. Instead, they went to bat for me. They sent crews and an adjuster immediately, said they would cover the costs of food, hotel, pay me for any work I did, cut me a $1000 check for the condo's $10k deductible I had to pay a thousand of, reimbursed me for the ruined carpet and underlay I just installed and compensated me and my son for each hour we had to move things around and get the house back to normal. They even calculated an amount for my inconvenience that covered my $1000 deductible. All funds were paid quickly and they kept my file open until everything was settled just in case there were any further out of pocket costs. The crews and plumber were paid directly as well. So, in both experiences, I have very little to complain about. One minor disagreement on value, but a far cry from getting ripped off by them. Remember, out of millions of consumers, only a few with bad experiences are usually motivated to post their experiences, usually out of spite. If everyone with good experiences posted, the few with complaints would be lost in the shuffle. My previous insurance company was terrible and their lack of value to me led to the switch to Intact, where I have been very pleased by their rates (in comparison of course), customer service and their follow-through during both claims. My second claim adjuster was brand new to the business and offering her a little patience didn't hurt while she consulted her way through the job and in the end, she did fantastically. The first was just pro all the way through...
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Just Awful

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nate Jul 20, 2019
...Wow, these guys are snakes. Even charged a fee when I decided I did not want to renew my insurance with them. I'd rate less than one star if it were possible...
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Quick to cancel policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vic B May 03, 2019
...While I would have rated Intact higher on customer service for the people who I actually worked with while processing a claim, their follow-up dismissal of me as a client after only one processed claim and refusal to work with me to maintain my status as their client is ridiculous. As new homeowners, we called our insurance provider, at the time Intact, to ask for advice on our policy after finding water in the basement. After speaking with the Intact personnel, and discovering that the claim was not eligible we did not process one. Due to their system of automatically opening a claim we officially "withdrew the claim" within 1 hour of opening it. We then fixed the water issue out of pocket to avoid future issues. One year later we received a letter that Intact was cancelling our policy for multiple claims within a three year period, even though they acknowledged that we only actually processed one claim. When we tried to work with the company by informing them that we had fixed the issue out of pocket within one month of getting their dismissal letter (and hadn't had time yet to inform them of the upgrade) they still refused to keep us as clients. Due to the dismissal of an insurance company against us, we are now paying for alternative insurance at a higher rate as a penalty. Intact never reached out to us and wouldn't work with us on how to maintain our client status and although we paid much more for their service than we ever received in the one claim, they removed us with very little notice. Would never recommend Intact insurance...
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Avoid this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dawna Mar 05, 2018
...Horrible, horrible company! I was a faithful customer for over 25 years and never even made one claim (not even during the dreaded ice storm). Had to cancel my insurance because I was moving to another province. Intact continued my policy regardless and is now charging me for 3 more months, even though I did not live there. Have tried over and over to explain this to their broker, but it fell on deaf ears and they have now put the case into collections, without addressing my correspondence. I have no choice except to pay for a service I did not want. Their commercial about caring about people is laughable, to say the least. Find a better company that treats their clients properly...
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