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Quick to cancel policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vic B May 03, 2019
...While I would have rated Intact higher on customer service for the people who I actually worked with while processing a claim, their follow-up dismissal of me as a client after only one processed claim and refusal to work with me to maintain my status as their client is ridiculous. As new homeowners, we called our insurance provider, at the time Intact, to ask for advice on our policy after finding water in the basement. After speaking with the Intact personnel, and discovering that the claim was not eligible we did not process one. Due to their system of automatically opening a claim we officially "withdrew the claim" within 1 hour of opening it. We then fixed the water issue out of pocket to avoid future issues. One year later we received a letter that Intact was cancelling our policy for multiple claims within a three year period, even though they acknowledged that we only actually processed one claim. When we tried to work with the company by informing them that we had fixed the issue out of pocket within one month of getting their dismissal letter (and hadn't had time yet to inform them of the upgrade) they still refused to keep us as clients. Due to the dismissal of an insurance company against us, we are now paying for alternative insurance at a higher rate as a penalty. Intact never reached out to us and wouldn't work with us on how to maintain our client status and although we paid much more for their service than we ever received in the one claim, they removed us with very little notice. Would never recommend Intact insurance...
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Avoid this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dawna Mar 05, 2018
...Horrible, horrible company! I was a faithful customer for over 25 years and never even made one claim (not even during the dreaded ice storm). Had to cancel my insurance because I was moving to another province. Intact continued my policy regardless and is now charging me for 3 more months, even though I did not live there. Have tried over and over to explain this to their broker, but it fell on deaf ears and they have now put the case into collections, without addressing my correspondence. I have no choice except to pay for a service I did not want. Their commercial about caring about people is laughable, to say the least. Find a better company that treats their clients properly...
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