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Excellent Service

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by Susan Jul 03, 2019
...In May 2017 a car went through our fence and we tried to go through Autopac which was a nightmare. We were told to go through our home insurance. We had been with Wawanesa Insurance for 15 years never had a claim then we had hail damage and someone came out to check the roof. He said Wawanesa will not cover it. I told him that both neighbors either side had new roofs from their insurance and he said: "well, they probably didn't have Wawanesa because their criteria are high". They did not, they both had Intact Insurance. So I changed immediately. Two years later a car goes through my fence and I contacted my Intact adjuster and he had someone come out and look at the fence, got 3 quotes and gave us the price of the middle quote. They replaced my whole fence 145 feet. They were fast, efficient and professional. I am very surprised at all these negative reviews. But my experience was excellent and I would highly recommend them...
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Claim Experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hashik K. Sep 06, 2017
...I had my home insurance with Intact for number of years. Premium was reasonable and didn't have a claim until April 2017. We had a minor leak from the roof following the wind storm and I lodged a claim for the first time. The so called Claim Adjuster who was assigned to us was just terrible and after months of processing the claim, we received a notification that our claim was not covered and hence eligible. Our roof was about 7 years old, made of fiberglass shingles and in good shape. We were told by the one who repaired that it was the wind storm that caused leak through the vent. We are okay with the reason our claim was denied but we were disappointed by the unprofessional manner our claim was handled by Intact. Our policy was due for renewal in August 2017 and we did not accept the renewal offer from Intact although their offer was less than the one we accepted. You cannot do business with a company you don't trust...
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