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Ignore your cancellation

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by PeterL Jan 12, 2019
...Thank you for reading my story. I would like to share my bad customer experience with TD house insurance. I bought TD insurance from Sept 2016 to 2017. In Sept 2017, I switched to Wawanesa because they offered me a better coverage. When I switched over, my Wawanesa broker put down my TD policy number on the application form, and Wawanesa sent TD a cancellation letter to end my insurance with TD. So legally, I have informed I ended my insurance policy with TD. However, in Nov, 2018, I received a call from an agent from DA Group Services saying that I need to pay a past due balance to TD insurance. Over the phone, I find it very uncomfortable because the agent asked me for my personal information before he began the conversation. Only telephone fraud would run the business in this frightening manner nowadays. After dealing with the collection agent, me and my brother gave TD Insurance a call spending more than an hour on the waiting line and finally got through. However, the agent spoke with an ignorant attitude because she never answered any of my questions. I asked if the Insurance policy is self-renewing, why TD do not inform their customers about it when they make the sale over the phone!? How can TD ignore my cancellation letter!? How can TD not give customers an email or a phone call when the customer is missing a payment!? etc...None of my questions has been answered. But she kept repeating that I had to pay. After spending 3 hours with the agent and her manager, they eventually asked me to send them the cancellation letter again, and they promised me to send me a letter confirming to cancel the charges. So I sent TD the cancellation letter, but I have no response at all. Now the Collection agent from DA Group Services keeps sending me an email on daily basis saying that I need to pay the overdue before the deadline of Jan 15, 2019. Giving me tremendous pressure! They didn't inform you what type of insurance they are selling initially, which is self-reocurring. They ignore your policy cancellation letter in order to keep taking money out of your pocket. Their customer service team never listens to you. How can TD run the business in this awful manner?...
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No satisfaction, TD insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by No Satisfaction May 04, 2018
...I got insurance for my home which was rented by someone plus an apartment which I rented from someone last year. (house +apartment). TD Meloche Monnex calculated $142/month for the two properties. Few months later, I called TD and asked them to cancel the apartment insurance because my landlord had already got insurance for it. So I was expecting my monthly payment to come down by $28(the apartment portion), but TD told me if you cancel that(the apartment insurance), your monthly payment will increase to $172/month! So I asked them to cancel both, I don't want to get insurance from you, then they answered: "We will charge you for early cancellation". So I paid insurance for the whole year for an apartment insurance which I didn't want. That's why I hate TD insurance. On top of that, the last old woman(from TD Meloche Monnex) who was talking to me about this matter had very poor customer service quality...
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Charged after cancelling plan

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by aethoreau Mar 17, 2018
...I bought this insurance as a "deal" that my university offered. But I found their customer service to be unresponsive whenever I had questions and their business practices very outdated (I had to, for example, mail them a personal cheque to pay for coverage). So when I moved, I decided to switch companies. I had paid out what was due, submitted a request to cancel my next year of insurance, and took out coverage with a new company. The new company, despite the lack of a university "discount," was much cheaper for the same coverage. And they allowed you to use a magical new contraption called a credit card to pay automatically on a monthly basis. TD then proceeded to send me letter after letter saying I owed them for two months of coverage at the property I no longer lived at. I told them I had cancelled and had not renewed. They told me they did not receive the cancellation and that it was their policy to assume people want to renew even if they hadn't sent a new cheque. After I ignored more letters, they eventually sent a vaguely threatening registered letter that I had to sign for. The amount I "owed" was about 40$, so I eventually paid so that they'd stop harassing me. But again, it was totally worthless coverage that I had cancelled to cover a property I didn't live at. As a petty act of retribution, after paying the 40$ I also closed my TD bank accounts. Both because they are associated with this insurance and because they must have been giving them my new address. I'll take my SEVERAL DOLLARS in savings elsewhere. In short, do not use this company. There are so many out there that do this way better, for cheaper...
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Very poor service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ANEU Dec 11, 2017
...This is a warning for anyone who is presently using Meloche Mennox (TD Financial) for their house insurance. We requested that our insurance was cancelled over a year ago and they continued to debit our account. September of this year we realized the mistake and requested a refund. They did not comply. We just realized that for the past two months we have continued to be charged for their insurance. This company has not served us well and we are very disappointed. If you are using them for insurance and cancel it, make sure they don’t keep charging you!...
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TD Home Insurance is a Joke!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by GVRD May 18, 2017
...Autorenew rates go up 40-80% per year. I had one claim. They took all my info and never called me back, I waited upwards of a week and then called to complain and to cancel. Then someone called me back right away and said they were sorry, They were busy, etc, etc. I had water coming through my ceiling. Stay far far away!!! BCAA in BC is a far better option. I hope TD insurance falls flat on its face...
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