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Poor customer service

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hanna M May 28, 2020
...I was out of the country for two years and set up an auto-renewal plan for my home insurance. When I returned, I found out there was a problem with the auto-payment, and so my house was not insured for one year. In addition, when I talked to an insurance representative, I was charged an extra $104 and told I would not be able to renew my plan. TD Insurance had my contact information, but I received no email to let me know about this problem. Very disappointed. I would have been devastated if I came home to a house that had damage, or was burnt down, and no insurance...
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Don't get trapped by TD

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by EW May 15, 2020
...This insurance company sets up anyway and every way to charge their clients. If you work on computer at home, they add an amount $. At the end of the year of your payment, if you want to cancel your policy, they charge you as well, almost $100, even in a very bad situation like coronavirus pandemic when my own bank reduced interest on all their products. If you are looking for home insurance, make more phone calls and find someone else...
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Paying out

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ArsonCase Feb 05, 2020
...They miscommunicated that we wanted the restoration companies to clean everything, ended up paying over $12,000 out of pocket for the accidental restoration of broken/non-fitting items. Wouldn’t get callbacks for WEEKS, dealt with over 30 people trying to get things fixed or done. Went through three main adjusters, one let go for incompetence, another had a job change in the middle and the last wrote off all usable clothing instead of provided list I made myself of actual losses. I lost all of my sentimental things that were fine due to this with an unreasonable (CRDN) company. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Sold us a policy when I asked for $50,000 EXTRA coverage for jewellery ok top of the $79,000 content, they charged me $200 more (on top of $400, 50% more) and made $50,000 out of $79,000 for jewellery. Lost so much due to this clerical error but they would not take responsibility. After a review of the call, they admitted it was a miscommunication on their end but did not fix it. I called for another quote and they told me the same thing! Tried to sell me the same package with incorrect info! I have recordings of all of the misinformation from CRDN and TD and intend on getting some money back from CRDN. Two companies mistakes I had to pay for. Please do not deal with these guys...
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Bad service, shady billing

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by angryTDcustomer Sep 16, 2019
...Getting through to their phone agents is a pain. Takes very long and then usually end up transferring you which takes even longer. I cancelled my policy and they told me I would be deposited a refund after deducting from my last payment some amount. 3 months later, I get a letter threatening with collection actions for 19 dollars owed in the account! Called them and got nowhere. Terrible experience. I had no claims, but based on other reviews, I imagine that would have been a pain as well. Stay away from TD. Have never had as much trouble or shadier billing practices with other insurance companies, only TD. Garbage...
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Incompetent Crooks!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Tyler A Mar 26, 2019
...For 5 months I was charged for someone else's vehicle insurance. 2 other policies that were not mine in fact! Tried resolving with them directly for months and was given the runaround. They could not even tell me what insurance policies I currently held with them or they just refused to. I do not have a driver's license and do not drive, I have not for 16 years. I am a single late 30s white male and should have only been getting charged for my home insurance as that is the only policy I held with them. I had to involve my TD bank branch and one of the financial advisors was able to shake the tree and get this somewhat resolved. I say somewhat because TD insurance only agreed to repay the exact amount they removed from my chequing account over the course of 5 months and many withdrawals. They refused to pay me 5 months interest on the amount owing and also refused to reimburse me for overdraft fees I received over this time period. I highly suggest nobody go with TD insurance. This is unacceptable! And I am absolutely shocked this was allowed to happen and has taken so long to partially resolve. I'm currently considering legal action towards them. Just unreal...
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