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WORST TD Insurance EVER!!

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by ljmayer Nov 01, 2018
...We have been a loyal customer with TD Insurance for approx. 14 years, house, vehicles etc. They have the nerve after 14 years to "DEMAND" that we install a new eavestrough on our house and they only give us 2 months to do it and it's smack dab in the middle of winter when there is 4ft of snow, ice and it's -20 temperatures. Not to mention it was over the Dec/Jan months when they demanded it be done and show the proof of a reputable company. We have NEVER made any house claims and we have NEVER missed payments on anything. I cannot tell you how ANGRY I am with them. And their letters always say "we're here to help" "you are important to us". What a load of CRAP! If this is how they treat a long time loyal customer... STAY AWAY !! And if the Rating was negative, I'd give them a minus 1000...
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