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Terrible service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jonny Aug 13, 2019
...I had a flood in my duplex because the main drain got blocked halfway down and my claim has been refused. It can take hours to get a hold of customer service...
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0 stars

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by verymad Feb 22, 2019
...My partner and I were victims of a tornado in the NCR region. This happened in September, and it is now almost March and we still haven't gotten a proper offer for our claim. The guy dealing with us ignored us until December, we called and emailed so many times and he never replied. We then escalated the matter to two of his managers who both ignored us as well. We lost so much stuff in the tornado since our apartment was on the top floor, to the point that I wanted to move away to avoid reliving the experience. We lost in total over 10K worth of things (my partner's hearing aids were lost, my laptop was broken, etc) so when they finally answered us, they told us they could only offer $1500.....My laptop ALONE was worth 2300 (MacBook), and we lost A LOT of stuff, let me tell you. So, we finally got offered someone else to deal with our stuff, who spoke to us ONCE over the phone, and then has been ignoring us for a month. It's been 8 months! We haven't been able to properly afford anything due to this situation. Please avoid TD at all costs, they will dodge you and low ball you...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Roxci Feb 11, 2019
...My neighbour's house burned down and nearly burned my house down. Dealt with an adjuster who told me I should feel bad for my neighbour as they lost their house. She was not at all concerned for me and my family, who had to sleep in a car for a week because they would not find us anywhere to go. I then called her manager to let her know the terrible treatment we received and she didn’t care and she actually YELLED at me. They’re NUTS. I’m still homeless and they’re useless. Don’t buy this insurance...
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2 houses, no care from TD

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Unlucky5 Nov 20, 2018
...I have been banking with TD since the 90's and I have two houses with a mortgage through TD. Being centralized from their bank, I decided to insure both homes with TD Home Insurance. I had an easy claim with a construction company that damaged my house accidentally and said they take full responsibility through our insurance companies. It took over 2 hours to actually get ahold of someone at TD who would talk about the claim (the first person refused to answer any questions and just took my "claim" even though I wasn't sure if I wanted to make one). Finally, I made the claim and my adjuster said they would call me back in a couple days to let me know if the company insurance was going to pay or not. I waited weeks and left a voicemail about everything. Finally, a different follow-up person checked in with me after I have been out of pocket for the whole damage emergency repair bill for nearly a month. She said they would call back in another 10 business days for sure. It's been 10 business days and now two months since the accident, which I had to pay in full and no one has ever called. I'm cancelling both houses this week and going with a company who actually cares about their customers. It is very stressful to not know what is happening and have to spend hours on the phone during a house crisis. Go with someone else if you are reading this...
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Terrible Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sam Oct 11, 2018
...They will try everything to decline your claims. Poor customer service. You have to wait on the phone for over an hour if you are an existing client while it only takes 5 minutes for the new insurance sales line!!! They just want to sell you insurance with any lies. They are just a big SCAM, avoid them if you can...
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6mths for new roof

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CLD May 18, 2018
...In a completely surreal moment, I was told that it would take 6 months to have a TD contractor out to replace the severe wind damage to my roof caused by the May 4th wind storm. The wait for an adjustor is 8 weeks since the time of the claim. I have been paying premiums for 30 years without a claim. I was told that waiting until November for a new roof would be no problem because TD insurance would cover any additional damage caused by not having a roof...
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horrible stressful

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by NovaScotia Feb 14, 2018
...We had a wind and water claim started. We had this open for about a month after calling in and took forever to get someone to come to our home.Adjuster was rude,unorganized never answered phone judged everything as though she was paying out of her own pocket, very cheap outfit! Dropped us at the end said if we didn't come up with money to pay for sheathing and to add over inflated price x2 the price the contractor wanted to put in they would not proceed. We are talking over 6,000 plus 1,000 deductible or pay us out so they could wipe their hands of any liability as they weren't paying .We didn't have that money in the budget and at first were told everything was covered. No we had to take the payout and they automatically deduct the 1,000 deductible and even though they have a quote are going through with a fine comb to trim costs. At the end the million dollar roofer who works for them is making a killing even tried to make private deals and get us to approve work just so he could move on. I offered to purchase the wood to afford the repairs and flat out no was the answer..If you are here looking at reviews take the money and find a small time carpenter or company if not in an emergency like us. What a disaster never again! Run stay far away from this outfit cheap rates but you will pay for it in the end...
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Do not use TD Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Leaving TD Insurance Nov 19, 2017
...Had a basement leak. They were fantastic to send somebody out that night to help get cleaned. Now the horrific truth!! The restoration company does nothing after the first night, leaves their equipment until convenient for them to pick it up, but charges you a daily rate. Meanwhile, TD mentioned nothing about any charge, which for us was almost $2,000. Three weeks later after doing nothing past the first night but charging you, we get a letter from TD Insurance that the damage is not covered and their file is closed. Don't understand how they came to this conclusion because they did nothing. We hired contractors on our own that are working on identifying the leak. TD Insurance nor their restoration company do anything to help figure out the problem - bad enough they are useless after the first night, worse that they kick you onto the streets on your own after they have happily taken our premium payments for 18 years, and never had any other claim. Best advice - don't use TD Insurance and find a company that is reliable and is not in the business of just money collecting, but rather provides a service for what you pay for!!...
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Worse company-- false promises

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Muhammad Sep 19, 2017
...Our house was damaged due to fort Murray wild fire, and due to TD’s miscommunication, and unprofessional handling, we are still not in our house. Also they have not settled our additional living expenses yest. We are under a lot of mental and financial stress right now. Their adjusters have no clue how to fairly assess the customer claims...
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