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by ArsonCase Feb 05, 2020
...They miscommunicated that we wanted the restoration companies to clean everything, ended up paying over $12,000 out of pocket for the accidental restoration of broken/non-fitting items. Wouldn’t get callbacks for WEEKS, dealt with over 30 people trying to get things fixed or done. Went through three main adjusters, one let go for incompetence, another had a job change in the middle and the last wrote off all usable clothing instead of provided list I made myself of actual losses. I lost all of my sentimental things that were fine due to this with an unreasonable (CRDN) company. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Sold us a policy when I asked for $50,000 EXTRA coverage for jewellery ok top of the $79,000 content, they charged me $200 more (on top of $400, 50% more) and made $50,000 out of $79,000 for jewellery. Lost so much due to this clerical error but they would not take responsibility. After a review of the call, they admitted it was a miscommunication on their end but did not fix it. I called for another quote and they told me the same thing! Tried to sell me the same package with incorrect info! I have recordings of all of the misinformation from CRDN and TD and intend on getting some money back from CRDN. Two companies mistakes I had to pay for. Please do not deal with these guys...
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