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Do not use TD Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Leaving TD Insurance Nov 19, 2017
...Had a basement leak. They were fantastic to send somebody out that night to help get cleaned. Now the horrific truth!! The restoration company does nothing after the first night, leaves their equipment until convenient for them to pick it up, but charges you a daily rate. Meanwhile, TD mentioned nothing about any charge, which for us was almost $2,000. Three weeks later after doing nothing past the first night but charging you, we get a letter from TD Insurance that the damage is not covered and their file is closed. Don't understand how they came to this conclusion because they did nothing. We hired contractors on our own that are working on identifying the leak. TD Insurance nor their restoration company do anything to help figure out the problem - bad enough they are useless after the first night, worse that they kick you onto the streets on your own after they have happily taken our premium payments for 18 years, and never had any other claim. Best advice - don't use TD Insurance and find a company that is reliable and is not in the business of just money collecting, but rather provides a service for what you pay for!!...
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Worse customer protection

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by frustrated with TD Sep 15, 2017 explained in simple term "they do not care" there is no common sense or sense of urgency with TD insurance, even lives are in danger there are no action, you are left suspended, believe me when I say i have called on a daily bases for 2 weeks, TD takes the call but refers to a manager who is not available nor does she call back. Mother nature wrecked havoc on my house 3 years ago, a large tree on my property was hit by a powerful lightening causing a 15 feet burn on side of the tree, there were also a lot of debris scattered 50 feet into the road, some exterior damages as well as interior damage, electrical switches blown to pieces and smell of wire burning when we arrived home that night, we had no idea what has happened till later from neighbors, we called the insurance company, an arborist and an electrician were sent who disconnected and replaced some electrical switches. we were told by the insurance adjuster that the tree was fine, so they could not help us any further, we started having all kinds of issues with the electrical lines and lost few appliances there after, now tree is completely dead and a large piece has fallen without notice, luckily it did not cause major damages, over 2 weeks and no news, manager will call back .......they promised you know!!!
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Had a flood in basement

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Flood in basement. Jul 25, 2017
...They were so nasty to us and never called us back.After a few days they had part of basement cleaned up and the other part to stay wet ,it created mold.I had to pay a company to clean the mold.Now the clean up company has my contents which they have not cleaned, asked me to pick it up.I would like an account of what the insurance paid them and they will not call me back.What should I do?
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