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Paying out

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ArsonCase Feb 05, 2020
...They miscommunicated that we wanted the restoration companies to clean everything, ended up paying over $12,000 out of pocket for the accidental restoration of broken/non-fitting items. Wouldn’t get callbacks for WEEKS, dealt with over 30 people trying to get things fixed or done. Went through three main adjusters, one let go for incompetence, another had a job change in the middle and the last wrote off all usable clothing instead of provided list I made myself of actual losses. I lost all of my sentimental things that were fine due to this with an unreasonable (CRDN) company. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Sold us a policy when I asked for $50,000 EXTRA coverage for jewellery ok top of the $79,000 content, they charged me $200 more (on top of $400, 50% more) and made $50,000 out of $79,000 for jewellery. Lost so much due to this clerical error but they would not take responsibility. After a review of the call, they admitted it was a miscommunication on their end but did not fix it. I called for another quote and they told me the same thing! Tried to sell me the same package with incorrect info! I have recordings of all of the misinformation from CRDN and TD and intend on getting some money back from CRDN. Two companies mistakes I had to pay for. Please do not deal with these guys...
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Basement leak

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JM Nov 13, 2019
...Would not cover due to outside water coming in through a crack in foundation. After 10 years with TD, it still was refused. Not worth hiring a lawyer or fighting in small claims court. They need to be sued on a class action basis and maybe straighten up...
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Under customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Button Sep 18, 2019
...We had a claim and we were not being treated fairly thus gave up. Every point raised they said the policy did not cover. It took 10 days to get a copy of the policy to show we were covered for roof water damage. Then we were told to submit a second claim for an additional deductible, we requested a second adjuster and were told there was not an acceptable adjuster in our area. This was for hail damage and they would only consider patches rather than replacement. Our neighbours, who have a different insurance company, are having repairs completed. Found the staff to be junior in status and not willing to provide a service for which we thought we were paying for. This was the first and only claim with TD Insurance over some ten years...
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Deceptive quote process

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JasonW Feb 22, 2019
...I signed up for a tenant policy. You can start obtaining a quote online but at a certain point, you are required to phone in and deal with an agent. The agent I dealt with, while very polite, did not voluntarily disclose some fairly major exclusions. These were only included in the policy details after signing up for it. Among the major exclusions, I assumed were covered were an earthquake, flooding, and water backup. I phoned back as soon as I received the policy details by mail and canceled (1 week after the policy was initiated). I was told there would be a charge almost equivalent to 1 month premium to cancel despite the fact I was only seeing the details of the policy for the first time and had had it for less than a week. When I asked for an email confirmation that the cancellation had gone through I was told they did not have the ability to do this despite the fact that they had sent me confirmation when I signed up for the policy. It is clearly a deliberate effort to be non-transparent to not disclose the details of the policy until after you've signed up already. I later found a quote that was a fraction of the price that covered the major exclusions in this policy. I should have done more research. Just glad I did not have to try to make a claim...
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0 stars

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by verymad Feb 22, 2019
...My partner and I were victims of a tornado in the NCR region. This happened in September, and it is now almost March and we still haven't gotten a proper offer for our claim. The guy dealing with us ignored us until December, we called and emailed so many times and he never replied. We then escalated the matter to two of his managers who both ignored us as well. We lost so much stuff in the tornado since our apartment was on the top floor, to the point that I wanted to move away to avoid reliving the experience. We lost in total over 10K worth of things (my partner's hearing aids were lost, my laptop was broken, etc) so when they finally answered us, they told us they could only offer $1500.....My laptop ALONE was worth 2300 (MacBook), and we lost A LOT of stuff, let me tell you. So, we finally got offered someone else to deal with our stuff, who spoke to us ONCE over the phone, and then has been ignoring us for a month. It's been 8 months! We haven't been able to properly afford anything due to this situation. Please avoid TD at all costs, they will dodge you and low ball you...
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Home Insurance Policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy Customer Feb 20, 2019
...Total disregard for ice buildup inside the interior roof. Waited on the phone 2 hrs, the adjuster came said it's not covered but we have the best policy...
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