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by ConnedbyTD Jun 28, 2020
...TD Insurance is definitely an unethical company. On my first call for a quotation, I got a fairly low price for home insurance pending home inspection. After a home inspection, they did not call or write. Close to my start date, I called and found out that they have more than doubled the quoted price and the only reason is that the cost of rebuilding if needed is higher than they had quoted. I believe that they should have known all this during the initial quote as they had my house address, house size, roof material, etc. The home inspection did not turn out any discrepancies to our initial conversation. I believe they purposefully underquoted. These are bait tactics that prevented me from shopping and checking quotes from other companies. TD Insurance is definitely unethical. I will not start my policies with them as I can't trust them to keep their promises if an unfortunate event is to happen. PS. Also, they promised to call back within 24 hours with more explanation about the reasons for the policy change but never did. That was more than 7 days ago...
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Total scam quoting!

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Elle Apr 30, 2019
...They quote you one price.. then you have to call them to confirm the price. Lo and behold, the price goes up to $700 yearly! ($1300 to $2000) what a total scam! No thanks TD! I am totally disgusted...
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Deceptive quote process

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JasonW Feb 22, 2019
...I signed up for a tenant policy. You can start obtaining a quote online but at a certain point, you are required to phone in and deal with an agent. The agent I dealt with, while very polite, did not voluntarily disclose some fairly major exclusions. These were only included in the policy details after signing up for it. Among the major exclusions, I assumed were covered were an earthquake, flooding, and water backup. I phoned back as soon as I received the policy details by mail and canceled (1 week after the policy was initiated). I was told there would be a charge almost equivalent to 1 month premium to cancel despite the fact I was only seeing the details of the policy for the first time and had had it for less than a week. When I asked for an email confirmation that the cancellation had gone through I was told they did not have the ability to do this despite the fact that they had sent me confirmation when I signed up for the policy. It is clearly a deliberate effort to be non-transparent to not disclose the details of the policy until after you've signed up already. I later found a quote that was a fraction of the price that covered the major exclusions in this policy. I should have done more research. Just glad I did not have to try to make a claim...
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