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Don't get trapped by TD

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by EW May 15, 2020
...This insurance company sets up anyway and every way to charge their clients. If you work on computer at home, they add an amount $. At the end of the year of your payment, if you want to cancel your policy, they charge you as well, almost $100, even in a very bad situation like coronavirus pandemic when my own bank reduced interest on all their products. If you are looking for home insurance, make more phone calls and find someone else...
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Worst Company Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by xocanadiano Jan 07, 2020
...Back in October, I tried to sign up with TD home insurance for my condo. Originally I got a quote for $333 per year at a discounted price because I was an alumnus at a university. But the agent I spoke with messed up and forgot to apply my discount when he sent the policy to me by mail. I called in and another agent was like - yeah, the person forgot to apply your discount and we can’t add it in anymore, we will have to forward your case to another department so they can add it. After months of chasing down, still no update. Then the next thing they send me is a letter saying if I don’t pay the price they sent on the policy, then they will cancel it on Dec 27th. I called them to check the update and they were like if I were you, I’d pay the full amount and then eventually they will credit you back anything they owe you and they’re not going to send the updated policy after. That’s so ridiculous...I said I’m not paying until I get my updated policy with my discount by mail since I’ve had bad experiences in the past where I pay in full and I spent months chasing down to get my credit back which was a hassle. I said it’s either I get my policy with the discount by mail so I can pay or I take my business elsewhere. Then I called them yesterday and they’re like it’s been cancelled because you didn’t pay and - oh there’s an additional $85 you have to pay on top of that because of late penalty fee/ cancellation fee after the deadline. I told them I’m not paying you a penny for something you guys screwed up on. This was the worst experience ever...
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Cancelled w/o Communication

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by g1oomy Oct 07, 2019
...We've had a vacant property insured for a year and at the one year mark, they cancelled our policy, leaving our property uninsured. They have no problem mailing our policy with private information on it, why couldn't they have the courtesy to communicate with us that this would happen? Also, they have never said that they won't insure properties that are vacant for a year and lead us on. I DO NOT recommend them. Stay away from this company...
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Bad service, shady billing

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by angryTDcustomer Sep 16, 2019
...Getting through to their phone agents is a pain. Takes very long and then usually end up transferring you which takes even longer. I cancelled my policy and they told me I would be deposited a refund after deducting from my last payment some amount. 3 months later, I get a letter threatening with collection actions for 19 dollars owed in the account! Called them and got nowhere. Terrible experience. I had no claims, but based on other reviews, I imagine that would have been a pain as well. Stay away from TD. Have never had as much trouble or shadier billing practices with other insurance companies, only TD. Garbage...
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ON hold

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by gooeyu Aug 09, 2019
...Like many of the other reviews here I have been on hold for over an hour and still have not talked to a representative. I switched to TD because a friend recommended them but I am now regretting that choice. While I was signing up for the service I was on hold for 5-10 min max. This is ridiculous. Time to change to another company...
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Long waiting time....

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dan Jul 23, 2019
...I have tried to call TD bank insurance to cancel my home insurance for the next few days. After 30mins, I have to hang up due to different reasons. Then, I use TD bank insurance app to cancel my policy by sending a message, there is no response. Now, I do not know what to do... I am paying money with NO service...
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Deceptive quote process

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JasonW Feb 22, 2019
...I signed up for a tenant policy. You can start obtaining a quote online but at a certain point, you are required to phone in and deal with an agent. The agent I dealt with, while very polite, did not voluntarily disclose some fairly major exclusions. These were only included in the policy details after signing up for it. Among the major exclusions, I assumed were covered were an earthquake, flooding, and water backup. I phoned back as soon as I received the policy details by mail and canceled (1 week after the policy was initiated). I was told there would be a charge almost equivalent to 1 month premium to cancel despite the fact I was only seeing the details of the policy for the first time and had had it for less than a week. When I asked for an email confirmation that the cancellation had gone through I was told they did not have the ability to do this despite the fact that they had sent me confirmation when I signed up for the policy. It is clearly a deliberate effort to be non-transparent to not disclose the details of the policy until after you've signed up already. I later found a quote that was a fraction of the price that covered the major exclusions in this policy. I should have done more research. Just glad I did not have to try to make a claim...
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