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Personal Insurance Fraud

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Daniel G D Dec 01, 2017
...I had been a Client with the Personal Insurance company for over 15 years, I tried to process a claim in February of 2013, My adjuster was one Ed D. Ed never called me once or made any effort to process the claim, he returned no calls. He had tasked Claim Pro from Calgary to handle it. I at first was not satisfied with their efforts but after I spoke to the Office Manager Scott B., I was informed that he could help proceed certain aspects of the claim, he was told by Ed not to do anything that could bring this claim to a satisfactory conclusion. Only when the claim had reached 2 years, did he finally reply. I contacted my Ombudsman and was informed that although I was incarcerated, I had given instruction to handle the claim through my sister Sharon N., who has Power Of Attorney. She was never once contacted and only at this point after going to Ed D.'s supervisor, I was given an extension for his disregard of his duties as an adjuster on the said claim. Now I once again have been told by Ed D. that after providing a loss of statement in the office at Claims Pro in Calgary, not only did I not provide a Loss of Property report, I had not provided a Police report. I have since tried to obtain a police report and now once again have been informed by Ed D. that he can do nothing for me. I must say now he finally has learned how to reply to my Emails...
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Don't Insure with this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by insuranceuser Feb 02, 2017
...My entire basement flooded and I had flooding insurance, and it was a nightmare with the adjustor who didn't send in the paperwork, and the company was difficult, wouldn't call me back when I left messages, and wouldn't call me back PERIOD! It took a year of fighting with them to honour my insurance, and they kept telling me "you know, you're just lucky to have this insurance." I told them I paid for that insurance, and they said "well, yes, that's true." I had to get their ombudsman involved their service was so dishonest and poor. I had over 30k damage and fought and fought with them. Then my car was hit by lightning, messed up the electrical and blew out a tire, and they told the garage that I was probably lying! This was AFTER they took photos of the tree it hit first and the trench it dug when it moved to my car and hit it. My car was almost brand new. The garage said they had never had so many problems with an insurance company. I cancelled my insurance immediately on renewal and went with Allstate instead. Have never had a claim since, but the Personal Insurance Company was absolutely awful. I actually thought I might have a nervous breakdown dealing with them over and over...
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If only I knew then

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by forshame Jul 05, 2016
...So, you are looking for Ins. Look else where. My home was broken into, March last year. Dealing with this Insurer has been a very bad experience. Feels like I have been treated like Trailer Trash. No offense use to own one myself. In my opinion if my house was paid off and I had 200K $ in my account I would not be here. When you talk to them it seams like they feel everyone is out to fraud them. That is not me, it is them. They send this person out to take my Schedule of Loss, during this I tell them of the 4,250$ speaker cables taken, she says like sure you have 4,250$ speaker cables, produce receipt, then she says who buys 4,250$ speaker cables, I respond the person who can afford the 8,000$ set. Understand we are talking about a very expensive system in a moderate priced home. I produce receipts, boxes, manuals, pictures, all not good enough, must show money coming out of account. Okay fine, give all ask for papers. Then they say, I may have to take Lie Detect Test (at best 85% accurate, does this mean they don't pay 15% of claims+) nice angle for them. All the way though this process they are constantly throwing little insults at me as if I am trying to fraud them. Every time they say something to me on the phone that I feel is not right I call a lawyer, phone them back, they say we didn't say that. Tell them what the lawyer said, they say he didn't say that. (deal with these guys only by e-mail, at first they will say you can't, it was only when started to treat them like they treated me did they only wanted to deal with me by e-mail ) Then they say you can't talk to a lawyer, if you do then we can't talk to you we have to deal with him (well no, I can talk to a lawyer, I can't hire a lawyer then talk to them. It is all half truths with these guy's). Six months into my claim I find they have done a credit search that is when in my opinion that they wanted me to get or feel like I require a lawyer. (One lawyer said that is only because they want me using up my savings now that they know this will aid them when it comes time to pay meaning you will be more likely willing to except cash value instead of replacement value, about a 50% savings to them, like praying on the weak, do not be taken by this tactic) Question every thing they say, it all has an angle or agenda. This company in my opinion is all about how can we get out of paying by any angle possible. When they say don't do something, question it, it is likely in your best interest to do just the opposite, especially after they turn off the recorder and talk to you like they are your buddy and they are only looking after your best interest all they want is your money and to keep it. 500 words later all I can say is if you are with them leave them before you need them. If you are not don't no matter how much you may save. Lower than 1 star...
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