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Excellent Service

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by Patricia May 04, 2019
...After decades of no claims, I had two in one year. Both were handled fairly and respectfully by two separate adjusters. One was an emergency (flooded basement) and they sent a crew within a few hours to begin the cleanup. I'd give them six stars if I could...
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Personal Insurance Fraud

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Daniel G D Dec 01, 2017
...I had been a Client with the Personal Insurance company for over 15 years, I tried to process a claim in February of 2013, My adjuster was one Ed D. Ed never called me once or made any effort to process the claim, he returned no calls. He had tasked Claim Pro from Calgary to handle it. I at first was not satisfied with their efforts but after I spoke to the Office Manager Scott B., I was informed that he could help proceed certain aspects of the claim, he was told by Ed not to do anything that could bring this claim to a satisfactory conclusion. Only when the claim had reached 2 years, did he finally reply. I contacted my Ombudsman and was informed that although I was incarcerated, I had given instruction to handle the claim through my sister Sharon N., who has Power Of Attorney. She was never once contacted and only at this point after going to Ed D.'s supervisor, I was given an extension for his disregard of his duties as an adjuster on the said claim. Now I once again have been told by Ed D. that after providing a loss of statement in the office at Claims Pro in Calgary, not only did I not provide a Loss of Property report, I had not provided a Police report. I have since tried to obtain a police report and now once again have been informed by Ed D. that he can do nothing for me. I must say now he finally has learned how to reply to my Emails...
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