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After 23 years...

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by Nat Jan 25, 2019
...After 23 years as our home and car insurance provider, when we were in the midst of moving, they took a partial month payment and cancelled our home insurance. Our credit report says they listed "failure to pay" as the reason, so we took a hit even though it wasn't true. No phone call, nothing. They claim a registered letter went out but we never saw a thing and we live in a secured building. They did send us the renewal though, so we still don't understand what happened. When I called and asked them to do the right thing, the manager said he would investigate and come back in 48 hrs. A week later, still nothing. We cancelled our auto insurance with them because of it. We are astonished. If I had not called with the new address, we would never have known what they did and would have continued to pay home insurance rates to them. Guess they didn't have a problem obtaining payment after all. Incredible that they get to do whatever they want without recourse. Clearly, someone made an error on the wrong account and rather than correct it, they let us go after 2+ decades...
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