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Charged $60 to cancel policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Glad to Cancel Aug 28, 2019
...Recently got a series of insurance quotes and found out I was paying $220 more per year for insurance with these people, the Personal, than I would be with any virtually any other companies. I cancelled the policy I had with them and they charged $60 to cancel - they don't mention this anywhere...These people are a rip-off and have about 4 people working in their call center in Nigeria, so you will be waiting for about 30-40 minutes on the phone on hold. Based on this kind of business practice, I'm happy to get out and cancel before something happens were I would regret it far more...
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Bad claim experience

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Sarah May 23, 2018
...My house was recently damaged by wind storm. I couldn't reach anyone until the 3rd day I called. Then I didn't hear from the adjuster until 2 weeks later when I called. 3 weeks on I'm still waiting for the contractor to come and check on my house (I've been calling the adjuster every 3rd day). Very good customer service when they want your money, not so good when you try to file a claim. I'm changing insurance company after this...
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Communication = 0

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by pissedoff Apr 12, 2018
...Doesn't anyone at the Personal speak English? I am sick of dealing with people I have to talk down to like a 3-year-old. I send emails and I get "Please call one of our experts" blah blah blah. The last person left her extension but not her number and the number recorded was just for outgoing calls. Give us a break or we will find someone else to do our business with...
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If only I knew then

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by forshame Jul 05, 2016
...So, you are looking for Ins. Look else where. My home was broken into, March last year. Dealing with this Insurer has been a very bad experience. Feels like I have been treated like Trailer Trash. No offense use to own one myself. In my opinion if my house was paid off and I had 200K $ in my account I would not be here. When you talk to them it seams like they feel everyone is out to fraud them. That is not me, it is them. They send this person out to take my Schedule of Loss, during this I tell them of the 4,250$ speaker cables taken, she says like sure you have 4,250$ speaker cables, produce receipt, then she says who buys 4,250$ speaker cables, I respond the person who can afford the 8,000$ set. Understand we are talking about a very expensive system in a moderate priced home. I produce receipts, boxes, manuals, pictures, all not good enough, must show money coming out of account. Okay fine, give all ask for papers. Then they say, I may have to take Lie Detect Test (at best 85% accurate, does this mean they don't pay 15% of claims+) nice angle for them. All the way though this process they are constantly throwing little insults at me as if I am trying to fraud them. Every time they say something to me on the phone that I feel is not right I call a lawyer, phone them back, they say we didn't say that. Tell them what the lawyer said, they say he didn't say that. (deal with these guys only by e-mail, at first they will say you can't, it was only when started to treat them like they treated me did they only wanted to deal with me by e-mail ) Then they say you can't talk to a lawyer, if you do then we can't talk to you we have to deal with him (well no, I can talk to a lawyer, I can't hire a lawyer then talk to them. It is all half truths with these guy's). Six months into my claim I find they have done a credit search that is when in my opinion that they wanted me to get or feel like I require a lawyer. (One lawyer said that is only because they want me using up my savings now that they know this will aid them when it comes time to pay meaning you will be more likely willing to except cash value instead of replacement value, about a 50% savings to them, like praying on the weak, do not be taken by this tactic) Question every thing they say, it all has an angle or agenda. This company in my opinion is all about how can we get out of paying by any angle possible. When they say don't do something, question it, it is likely in your best interest to do just the opposite, especially after they turn off the recorder and talk to you like they are your buddy and they are only looking after your best interest all they want is your money and to keep it. 500 words later all I can say is if you are with them leave them before you need them. If you are not don't no matter how much you may save. Lower than 1 star...
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lost patient

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by easygoing Apr 11, 2016
...It has been over 2 months since I filed my claim. No result came out. I called several times. At the very beginning the adjuster answered she needs couple of weeks, no result, and called again, then need couple of more days, no result. later on, not even answer my call, I send email no reply. the adjuster disappeared. Called customer relations center, got little help, I am very frustrated. Not recommended to go with this company...
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