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The worst home insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vika May 31, 2018
...We saved approx. $500 by switching to the Personal from another carrier, and we are incredibly sorry. Was originally told to contact their preferred contractors to arrange a repair. After unsuccessfully trying to contact them, the Personal decided they would finally help me - a full month after my claim had already been started. The contractors that they use for claims obviously work with other insurance companies, and from my experience and understanding - the Personal is last on their lists. Nobody from the Personal ever follows up on your claim, if you want anything done with them, you have to constantly call them and their preferred contractors. Takes over a full week to be able to speak to a manager. Spend a little more money, and get some good home insurance...
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Bad claim experience

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Sarah May 23, 2018
...My house was recently damaged by wind storm. I couldn't reach anyone until the 3rd day I called. Then I didn't hear from the adjuster until 2 weeks later when I called. 3 weeks on I'm still waiting for the contractor to come and check on my house (I've been calling the adjuster every 3rd day). Very good customer service when they want your money, not so good when you try to file a claim. I'm changing insurance company after this...
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worst experiences ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by fedupcustomer Oct 25, 2017
...These people must truly want their customers to go elsewhere. A recent basement flood led to the worst customer (non)service experience possible. They contracted out the claim so we had to deal with someone not at the Personal. This person conducted a recorded interview, making us feel like we had purposely flooded our own (unfinished!) basement for some sort of gain. The assessor sent from Paul Davis systems turned out to be inadequate (despite the Personal having dispatched them) and we never got to see their full estimate. We had to provide 2 others, from companies we contacted. Delays in service caused further damage, and the Personal refused to cover more than about half of the clean-up and repair work (they would not cover us for the amount in our policy, but only half; very petty considering it was a relatively small claim), leaving us on the hook to cover the costs. To add insult to injury, they tried to issue payment to one of our service providers, instead of us (the customer), when we had already had to pay multiple different people involved in the clean-up. Never, never, never deal with this company. They should not be in business as they are unprofessional and not dependable...
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Water Damage

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by dooncomputer Jun 28, 2017
...Recently, first time ever I file a claim with The Personal due to the water damage. As always told/believed, you only find out about insurance when you make a claim and I experienced it when told what is covered and NOT covered. Anyway I went with their assessment. They deal with Paul Davis Systems who carried out the assessment. What a joke - the guy showed with nothing and had to borrow a step stool and a ladder to look for issue. Also called and provided the feedback to claim adviser which, I am sure, was commented as a standard apology and surely ignored - never will make it to the next level. So far very unhappy!
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beware if you claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by faithful 25 years!!! Apr 20, 2016
...been insured with the personal for 25 years. home and 2 automobiles.Had water damage from a copper pipe fitting that dripped behind a wall and down through the finished basement ceiling onto the carpeted floor. called the personal thinking that after all these years of not one claim against my policy and faithful on time payment the would help me out. Wrong!!! they send out an adjuster with a man from an emergency restoration clean up company, take some pictures and tell me not to do anything because there could be mold now. they tell me to tarp off the room until the so called mold can be removed by specialists. 1 week goes by no help from the personal. 2 weeks go by no help from the personal. In the third week they finally actually take my call just to find out they are denying my claim because in their opinion I should have done my due diligence and thoroughly inspected my home to ensure all things are in good working order on a daily basis. they told me to contact the plumber from 25 years ago a make a claim against him. there was never any mold when the adjuster made the site visit but after 3 weeks of taking his advice of tarping off the room mold had set in. mentioned this to the adjuster but he didn't care. also advised him that over the last quarter century I have probably paid them in access of $50,000 with no claims, again he didn't care. very disappointed with this company as I felt I was a faithful customer. My lawyer said I could make a case about the miss directed advice about the mold but this meant spending more money, repairing the damage to my home cost enough.Do yourself a favor and get quotes elsewhere. they are only in it to take your money , not to help you...
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Hail damage nightmare

(1.2 out of 5 stars)
by Disgruntled and annoyed Mar 14, 2016
...Similar to another review on here, we had hail damage in Airdrie in summer 2914. Dealing with the personal and their mandatory contractor Belfor has been one of the most horrible experiences of my life! We wanted to use our own contractor but to do that they would only pay out about $11000 on the $25000 of work :( . It took nearly a year to get started and it has dragged on to the point that we are STILL waiting for some things. They would only do two sides of the house despite our siding being discontinued so we have a multi colored home... The Windows had to be replaced FIVE times over ELEVEN visits (for which I had to become all day), due to multiple mistakes (shout out to Chinook Glass in Calgary the subcontractor, they were the most unprofessional company ever).... One window still rattles loudly with any wind. I am appalled and cannot wait to switch insurers. Beware to those thinking you are getting a deal with the Personal, you will pay for it in the long run. We have had a few car claims with relatively little problems... But fixing the hail damage on our truck was also a nightmare, a tale for another day!...
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Hail Claim

(4.2 out of 5 stars)
by Nelda Jun 24, 2015
...Had a bad hail storm which caused damage to home and also a rental. The Personal had an adjuster come with a reconstruction company guy to go over both houses. The reconstruction company would have done everything which would have been no hassle for us, but we took a pay out on some stuff and got work done by other tradesmen. I think The Personal took good care of us overall. We got coverage for "damage" which we hadn't even expected to get! On the downside, the Personal, when it comes to hail damage, only does direct damage. This means that only two sides of our rental were covered regardless of the fact that a siding match could not be found. However, I emailed the guy at The Personal directly (on advice of the adjuster) and he agreed to do the third side because it was so visible from the front of the house. The fourth side we are paying for ourselves which may sound bad since many (most?) people got all 4 sides done on their insurance, however, when I found out what their premiums were compared to what we pay, I was MORE than happy to pay for that fourth side! Also our deductible was $1000 for both houses together whereas many people I spoke to had a $2500 deductible so that more than paid for that 4th side right there. So we've been pleased so far (this is the first claim we have had with them) so I wanted to be sure to make a positive review since so often people only do a review when they are ticked off!...
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Horrible Claims Management

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by applespailey May 21, 2015
...I have been a customer/policyholder of The Personal for 12 years and made my first home claim due to the Nov 2014 wind storm in the Oakville/Burlington ON area. The claims management experience has been a nightmare! Little assistance to help the policyholder through a stressful process, ridiculous policy on covering damages/expenses incurred because of The Personal and their service providers' incompetence, and to top it all off, a painful process to even get funds forwarded in order to pay service providers for those expenses they DID accept!!! Unbelievably bad customer service skills, adjustment/claims management process and expense reimbursement. I am beginning to believe that the favourable rates (mostly due to a group plan) are just not worth it. Stay away for the claims experience alone - believe me! If I could choose NO STARS I would...
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