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Excellent Service

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Patricia May 04, 2019
...After decades of no claims, I had two in one year. Both were handled fairly and respectfully by two separate adjusters. One was an emergency (flooded basement) and they sent a crew within a few hours to begin the cleanup. I'd give them six stars if I could...
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Basement flooding

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Basement Flooded Apr 27, 2019
...Received very prompt service for a pump failure that flooded a very recently renovated basement. The basement was only finished 3 weeks previous and when finished we had made a proactive adjustment to our policy to ensure we had the right rider in place to cover our needs for the new basement. They were on top of it that day, prompt adjuster and crew to help start the clean up of the mess. It was what I expected from our insurance company. With the proactive attitude to solving the problem, they delivered! I have no issues recommending The Personal...
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Worst Company Ever!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kim12345 Oct 25, 2018
...Broken water pipe and Insurance claim. Called the Personal regarding a damage to water pipe coming into the basement, stated water was turned off and no water damage. No one contacted back for weeks, the adjuster came out and no further contact. The second adjuster called and was told we already have an adjuster and she became angry and being rude to me. Tried to follow up my claim as water shut off for almost 2 months and winter is coming at the end of October. States no coverage for plumbing damage, just water damage, which I had stated when calling about a claim. No loss of Rental income due to waiting for the claim, or for no water while waiting for the claim to be denied although I have loss of rental insurance but only will claim. Worst company ever. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! Will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau. Would give 0 stars if allowed. Have insurance on this house for 30 years, no claims till now...
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Nothing for Your Money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Stefan78 Nov 01, 2017
...We went on vacation and on our first day away we had flooding in our basement when the power went out and our sump pump didn't work (this is how we found out our battery backup was also pooched). Luckily we had a housesitter. We weren't worried because we assumed we had groundwater coverage. Come to find out that's optional and we didn't take it at the time because the policy was taken out before we took possession of the house. We were just told by the Personal that it isn't their job to review our policy with us (this is years later). So whose job is it? They'll take your money but will fight you on covering you...
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worst experiences ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by fedupcustomer Oct 25, 2017
...These people must truly want their customers to go elsewhere. A recent basement flood led to the worst customer (non)service experience possible. They contracted out the claim so we had to deal with someone not at the Personal. This person conducted a recorded interview, making us feel like we had purposely flooded our own (unfinished!) basement for some sort of gain. The assessor sent from Paul Davis systems turned out to be inadequate (despite the Personal having dispatched them) and we never got to see their full estimate. We had to provide 2 others, from companies we contacted. Delays in service caused further damage, and the Personal refused to cover more than about half of the clean-up and repair work (they would not cover us for the amount in our policy, but only half; very petty considering it was a relatively small claim), leaving us on the hook to cover the costs. To add insult to injury, they tried to issue payment to one of our service providers, instead of us (the customer), when we had already had to pay multiple different people involved in the clean-up. Never, never, never deal with this company. They should not be in business as they are unprofessional and not dependable...
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Worst Claim experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Thomas May 27, 2017
...My basement is flooded for 13 days today. No adjuster visited it yet even after leaving numerous vm & email. No one should go through this horrible experience after paying to them all these money. No excuse for this kind of irresponsibility...
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Don't Insure with this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by insuranceuser Feb 02, 2017
...My entire basement flooded and I had flooding insurance, and it was a nightmare with the adjustor who didn't send in the paperwork, and the company was difficult, wouldn't call me back when I left messages, and wouldn't call me back PERIOD! It took a year of fighting with them to honour my insurance, and they kept telling me "you know, you're just lucky to have this insurance." I told them I paid for that insurance, and they said "well, yes, that's true." I had to get their ombudsman involved their service was so dishonest and poor. I had over 30k damage and fought and fought with them. Then my car was hit by lightning, messed up the electrical and blew out a tire, and they told the garage that I was probably lying! This was AFTER they took photos of the tree it hit first and the trench it dug when it moved to my car and hit it. My car was almost brand new. The garage said they had never had so many problems with an insurance company. I cancelled my insurance immediately on renewal and went with Allstate instead. Have never had a claim since, but the Personal Insurance Company was absolutely awful. I actually thought I might have a nervous breakdown dealing with them over and over...
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