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by Shop around !!! Jan 12, 2016
...Slightly over 25 years ago I started purchasing automobile and house insurance from The Personal. Recently I have started paying attention to on-line quotes of other companies. I have noticed that competitor rates seem reasonable while my annual rates with The Personal continuously increase year after year, without ever making any claims on either of my houses, my car or my motorcycle. Recently I sold my motorcycle and canceled the insurance. The Personal charged me $70 to cancel my motorcycle insurance even though I continue to pay thousands to cover the houses and car. I raised this with their absolutely horrid Internet Customer dis-Service Team ..... to bad, so sad, company policy to charge when policies are canceled. WTH ??? I have now cancelled both house policies and the car policy. Found lower rates elsewhere, and hopefully will be with them for the next 25 years. Beware of The Personal Insurance company !!!...
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A JOKE (Car & Home)-stay away!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by honestman Sep 01, 2015
...I've been insured with this company for the past 7 years and I'm glad they ended my policy 36 hours after I relocated to a different city (36 hours !!! seriously!???). I tried to claim a damage once, and it was so horrible that I decided to pay for the damage myself than experience the frustration they gave me. The coverage looks so shiny and nice but it's just papers. In reality, you have no insurance and they're simply ripping you off. Also, they can come up with 100000 reasons to suspend your policy (I moved to a different city and called them to ask them if my vehicle's policy can be paused - they pulled the plug on me and canceled my home insurance) - I've never made any claim in my whole life (Tried once then never proceeded because of the horrible experience)...
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Horrible Claims Management

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by applespailey May 21, 2015
...I have been a customer/policyholder of The Personal for 12 years and made my first home claim due to the Nov 2014 wind storm in the Oakville/Burlington ON area. The claims management experience has been a nightmare! Little assistance to help the policyholder through a stressful process, ridiculous policy on covering damages/expenses incurred because of The Personal and their service providers' incompetence, and to top it all off, a painful process to even get funds forwarded in order to pay service providers for those expenses they DID accept!!! Unbelievably bad customer service skills, adjustment/claims management process and expense reimbursement. I am beginning to believe that the favourable rates (mostly due to a group plan) are just not worth it. Stay away for the claims experience alone - believe me! If I could choose NO STARS I would...
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