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Horrible ongoing experienceOMG

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by chitudaya Jan 26, 2017
...We are struggling with this company ever since we switched it. We were with TD just before the fire and not sure why we changed-the only reason was I was with Nexen-CNOOC ltd and the Company recommended them to be used. I should have thought about it but who knew that we have to flee the Fort McMurray residence due to wild fire?? To save the insurance claim amount we adjusted ourselves to a Single bedroom apartment donated by a good samaritan at Edmonton for a family of 5 but Insurance is questioning that nominal rent as well. They delayed from May till End January without doing anything but when we did with our own contractor the things are being questioned. I lost my job in September last year and struggling to pay the contractor and to also maintain my family here. The shingles were replaced due to amber marks but insurance is questioning that. How can a visual assessment could reveal the condition? Also, the siding is replaced all the sides but Insurance is agreeing only for 2.5 sides-not sure what is the basis for that as all the sidings are visible from the road. Inexperienced and incompetent adjusters dont know any bit of the home claim and giving hard time for my family. Horrifying and terrifying experience. Don't even think of this insurance if you want mental peace...
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Hail Claim

(4.2 out of 5 stars)
by Nelda Jun 24, 2015
...Had a bad hail storm which caused damage to home and also a rental. The Personal had an adjuster come with a reconstruction company guy to go over both houses. The reconstruction company would have done everything which would have been no hassle for us, but we took a pay out on some stuff and got work done by other tradesmen. I think The Personal took good care of us overall. We got coverage for "damage" which we hadn't even expected to get! On the downside, the Personal, when it comes to hail damage, only does direct damage. This means that only two sides of our rental were covered regardless of the fact that a siding match could not be found. However, I emailed the guy at The Personal directly (on advice of the adjuster) and he agreed to do the third side because it was so visible from the front of the house. The fourth side we are paying for ourselves which may sound bad since many (most?) people got all 4 sides done on their insurance, however, when I found out what their premiums were compared to what we pay, I was MORE than happy to pay for that fourth side! Also our deductible was $1000 for both houses together whereas many people I spoke to had a $2500 deductible so that more than paid for that 4th side right there. So we've been pleased so far (this is the first claim we have had with them) so I wanted to be sure to make a positive review since so often people only do a review when they are ticked off!...
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