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don't be a chump

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by BCAAsucks May 18, 2016
...I have had home and car insurance with BCAA for a few years now. They claimed if you became a member, you would receive yearly discounts on home/car and also have full BCAA membership. My first year was okay after they kept raising the insurance amounts while they were discounting my BCAA membership to zero (so no actual discounts on insurance in any way). But I felt I had the security of BCAA and all that entails. I am currently on the roadside with my car that has broken down (new vehicle issue), I called BCAA roadside service - which is completely awful- on hold for 20 minutes, automated message talking about how everyone should use website vs. calling and talking to someone - that helps in an emergency. An agent comes on, I give info, she tells me my membership is not good for Roadside Assistance! I responded with what are you talking about? The agent that signed me up assured me that my discounted membership gave me all the benefits of BCAA including roadside. If I don't have that, the only thing you guys are good for...what does my membership get me? Agent response: discount off movies and some cheaper hotels. Don't be fooled, this company is one of the worst, their online, telephone services are junk. Customer service is absolutely the worst. And their policies are worthless. Work with a smaller company that needs and wants your business. Once these guys have your money, you're treated like a chump!...
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