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Hassle to change address

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by NH Sep 15, 2019
...Terrible service for Home Insurance. Moved and phoned to change my address, because there is no option to update a policy online. Was put on hold due to "high call volume" and requested a call-back... twice. Never received one. Also submitted an online request form and was told to call (again) or visit the nearest BCAA office (Cambie). Visited the Cambie location and waited 20 minutes only to find out they require a certificate from the city for my (rental) building regarding electrical or they would not provide coverage. Instead of spending more time trying to track down info and follow up with BCAA representatives, I cancelled my policy... and was charged a $30 cancellation fee. Do not buy home insurance here...
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ClaimsPro the Problem

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by sneltrain Jul 24, 2017
...I had a sewage backup flood in November - December while away from home for 9 weeks. Christmas weekend December 24 - 25, 2016 I reported the claim. CanStar Restoration arrived and did some damage control but their team missed a significant part of the damage in walls and floors and subfloors. This is being dealt with by BCAA afresh to address the extent of the damage. More on that when I know result but I have spent $1000's to fix the full extent of the damage myself. CLAIMSPRO adjuster Ms A.D. did not give me any information in writing or provide forms, processes, contact information. When I went up the line to her manager, Mr. J.L. I got no help. I was seriously ill so not dealing with the situation effectively. On July 18th, approx., I engaged the assistance of the Vice President of ClaimsPro (found name and number on Google) and by Friday that week, the insurance payout cheque was in my hands. That day I learned via email comment from MS A.D. on July 22, 2017 that there was a BCAA representative assigned to my Claim who would "cut the cheque". Today, July 24, I phoned BCAA for advice on the extensive (missed) damage and was informed that the BCAA rep should have been involved by ClaimsPro, engaging me in the information loop with my (unknown) BCAA claim examiner. Had I known she existed, I'd have met with her and got my questions and concerns dealt with. Instead, several months of serious distress, no communication, nothing in writing, no answers, and serious financial costs associated with waiting several months for a cheque that should have been released in April 2017 latest. With information about what to do about the "missed" sewage damage...
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BCAA is garbage

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by B Jan 23, 2017
...Overpriced useless hacks. I signed up using their online signup feature, had them for three years. Thought I was getting a decent rate, but then went to a competitor recommended by a co-worker and got $70/year cheaper for way more coverage. BCAA kept spamming me to become a member, and when I asked how much it would save me, they said $50. But it would cost $70 for membership. Lastly when I called them to discuss renewal the guy was asking me questions about my condo that I had already filled out in the online forms and I knew that they had (like what year it had been built!) - very discouraging to see that either they hire inexperienced people who can't read forms or they don't transfer information in their system well. I will never recommend BCAA to anyone - shop around, there are better alternatives out there...
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BCAA renewal without consent

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Under Duress Jan 12, 2017
...BCAA has renewed my home insurance without my consent. I told them that I did not consent and I want them to stop. Their answer was "you owe about $40 for the 15 days of coverage". I asked the agent to show me where in the policy gives them authority to renew my insurance without my consent she was unable to give me any explanation or written details. I asked another agent this time they said it is on pg 64. I asked them again to show it to me and they were unable to show any specific paragraph that would give them the right to renew the policy without my consent and that they can force me to pay them. At the end they tried to intimidate me by saying if you pay the $40 they will not put me on the list of cancellation for non payment. I'm going to escalate this issue...
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don't be a chump

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by BCAAsucks May 18, 2016
...I have had home and car insurance with BCAA for a few years now. They claimed if you became a member, you would receive yearly discounts on home/car and also have full BCAA membership. My first year was okay after they kept raising the insurance amounts while they were discounting my BCAA membership to zero (so no actual discounts on insurance in any way). But I felt I had the security of BCAA and all that entails. I am currently on the roadside with my car that has broken down (new vehicle issue), I called BCAA roadside service - which is completely awful- on hold for 20 minutes, automated message talking about how everyone should use website vs. calling and talking to someone - that helps in an emergency. An agent comes on, I give info, she tells me my membership is not good for Roadside Assistance! I responded with what are you talking about? The agent that signed me up assured me that my discounted membership gave me all the benefits of BCAA including roadside. If I don't have that, the only thing you guys are good for...what does my membership get me? Agent response: discount off movies and some cheaper hotels. Don't be fooled, this company is one of the worst, their online, telephone services are junk. Customer service is absolutely the worst. And their policies are worthless. Work with a smaller company that needs and wants your business. Once these guys have your money, you're treated like a chump!...
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