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by carasndr Jan 16, 2019
...I don't normally leave reviews but this company NEEDS to be held accountable for their shady underhanded business. They have ZERO issues being cavalier about your home and your investment and your peace of mind and future. I believe this company is very quickly becoming scam artists. We chose BCAA for our home insurance in 2016. Seemed easy and the price was fair... at first. They kept requesting our signatures on the original paperwork (something we did at least twice) and still claimed they never received, even though we mailed it twice (which is what we were told had to happen as they needed the originals). There was an issue with nonpayment for 1 month, which is fair enough. The only way we were notified was by a registered letter telling us we were going to have our policy cancelled. NO PHONE CALL, NO EMAIL. Fast forward to current date, we phoned to get a copy of our insurance policy and were told there was no policy in place - there were notes on the account but the person who answered the phone did not say anything about it being lapsed, WHICH IT WAS, just wanted to get off the phone ASAP. Phoned back again a week later and got a different person who informed us the policy had lapsed at the beginning of 2018 BECAUSE OF NO SIGNATURES!?!?!?! Again, a supposed registered letter was stated to have been sent. AGAIN, NO PHONE CALL, NO EMAIL followup, just leave you high and dry and do the bare minimum. No home insurance for an entire YEAR due to BCAA. Applied to get reinstated and now we have to jump through hoops. Quoted a yearly price DOUBLE than what we had been paying initially. Told we were declined because according to them it had been cancelled 3 TIMES?!?!?! AT NO POINT WERE WE MADE AWARE OF THIS. Here's the kicker, they only had ONE contact phone number. My partner and I have 2 different phone numbers and they did not even have MY NUMBER ON FILE and I am on the title to the house. I would think this would be baseline information that you NEED in order to provide insurance. This company is not out to provide a service for their customers. They are looking for angles and not taking accountability for the service they need to provide. I hope very soon we demand our government take action on insurance companies like this much like they had to do in Alberta years ago because how we were treated needs to be ILLEGAL...
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