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Storm damage

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by ginny Aug 21, 2019
...I have been a BCAA member for 45 years. With all the premiums, house, auto and membership, I think I have already paid for my own claim. During a winter ice storm about a year and a half ago, a large tree fell over our pool maintenance house and into the pool. Due to cold and snow, I had no idea what equipment etc, was damaged and the pool house was flat. They recommended a contractor. I'm 72 now, my husband was dying at the time, so I thought they knew the best. Turns out about 8 months later that it was more than obvious these guys had never dealt with pools before. What a waste of time and money. By the way, no adjuster ever showed up to review the damage. So, by the Spring of this year, I had a new, relatively local contractor who was fabulous! Done and done. The big problem is that neither he nor I could ever reach the adjuster. No calls back etc. This contractor knew exactly what he was doing and did it. There turned out to be an additional 2700. Due to unseen damage, the pool was still looking like a frog pond. After 2 months since completion, he has not been paid the balance and as usual, neither he nor I can reach the claims person. This is just a brief overview as you have no idea of the horror I went through with their recommended contractor while trying to be in the hospital every day for my husband, who eventually passed last September. As I say, I've more than paid my own claim. What do I do now...
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