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by Volk Apr 07, 2017
...first of all i had my home insured as vacant for about a year. I was repetedly harrased by their staff over the phone and email, I was told me that they can cancel my policy because it was a high risk. Later when i changed my policy and moved in to my place shortly i had major flood. Without any investigation i was told I'm not cover because i didn't have alot of things in my apartment according to the plumbing company that came over. In conclusion i had to hire a lawer and spend tons of money and repair the place myself. Eventhough i ended up winning in courts it took almost two and half years to get any money back...
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Awful service, just atrocious

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by makeintosh Dec 27, 2016
...We had all our home and auto insurance with the co-operators for 35 years and have never had a claim on our home policy. We paid them $1,750 each year as premiums. Recently, a seal in our dishwasher ("water container") failed and caused a flood in our condo. Fortunately, I was able to contain the damage to hardwood flooring in an adjacent room and one sink cabinet. Total damage under $3,000 but they denied the claim. This was the first time, we needed this insurance company but they ran away - said it was a "slow leak" and therefore not covered. Too bad so sad. This was based on findings of mould under the cabinets. On investigation as we did the repairs, the "mould" was stains that are more than 15 years old, dating back to a water leak the previous owner had in the kitchen. I wasn't even sure that for the small cost of the repairs that I would even file a claim. However, correspondence from the adjuster on this claim bordered on rude and threatening if we considered pursuing this. Even if they believed there was an old leak, one would have thought they might have the common sense to consider the discretion of covering it anyway, given the small cost and the fact that the cause of "mould" could be uncertain. But common sense and discretion are absent with this company. Even a bit of politeness in correspondence might have gone a long way to retaining business. With this experience, I can never trust this company ever to be present if needed and have move all my business to another company. For the cost of less than 2 years of premiums, the co-operators has lost my business forever...
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