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Worst Insurance CO-OPERATORS

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Client from Ottawa Dec 06, 2018
...We were customers of Co-operators for over 10 yrs. Recently, we cancelled our home and auto insurance with them. Even though they sent an email that they cancelled the policy, they kept on automatic deduction from our account. When we try to deal with it, the people there were very rude and would not admit that they have made a mistake. The Insurance Agent hung up the call when I tried to explain the error. They are nasty and just a bunch of thieves. Please think twice before dealing with the CO-OPERATORS. Don't waste your hard-earned money...
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Worst experience hands down!

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Grumpy Mar 01, 2018
...The local office in Clarenville NL is just plain incompetent! I have reached out the office for over a month now to renew home insurance that was due on February 15, 2018. Now it's March 1st and they still haven't got their act together. Just today received registered mail stating my policy would be cancelled in 15 days. I have already made the first monthly payment but somehow they seem to have misplaced it... Trying to reach anyone at the Clarenville office is near impossible and when you do, they never have any answers... keep putting you off. I am at my wit's end. Never again will I get insurance with the Cooperators!...
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Robbed then dumped..

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Shocked Feb 06, 2018
...STAY FAR AWAY FROM CO-OPERATORS INSURANCE! We paid our insurance to Co-operators for at least 10 years, they were happy to take our money. When inquired into fixing our deck that was damaged by weather they sent us a notice that our insurance will be cancelled in 15 days. Why are we paying for insurance if a company can give us the boot come claim time? Their reasoning, we phoned twice asking for coverage which means the condition of our premises is a risk. The house is in perfect condition and it's a DECK! How can the number of phone calls we make to them determine the condition of our home?! What we paid them FAR EXCEEDS the cost of replacing a deck. Save yourself the heartache and money....go with another provider!...
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Poor customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by yacuchaj Nov 07, 2017
...I spoke with them over the phone to cancel our insurance, 2 months later they send us a letter saying we owe them a $50 cancellation fee, saying my phone conversation with one of their reps, wasn't on file. Definitely would not recommend going with them, there are better rates out there with other insurance companies who won't gouge you when you cancel your plan...
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Cooperators = Crooks

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Robert J. Sep 20, 2017
...I insured my home with Cooperators for 13 years because I had my auto insurance with them. Twice I had damage to my home that was caused by extreme weather, it should have been covered by my policy, but both times an adjuster was sent, my premises evaluated and photographed and then my claims denied. I then had to pay out of pocket for serious repairs, not knowing where to go I asked the Cooperators adjuster for a recommendation. I contacted the recommended contractor and ended up with poor workmanship, unresolved problem and a large bill. If you enjoy paying inflated rates and receiving no claims support, this is the company for you! Just be aware that when you find a better price elsewhere that gives better coverage, Cooperators will penalize you heavily financially for leaving anytime that is not in your renewal month. I recommend you go anywhere else...
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Huge Rate Increases!

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nick Aug 01, 2017
...After only 1 year of being with Cooperators, they increased my premium by 15%! Did my home increase in value? No. Did I add features or reduce my deductible? No. I did lose my 5% "new signing discount" so that leaves 10% less. After calling Cooperators they claim it's because of "all these new features that you're getting." More likely, it's because you brought me in at a low rate and will continue to increase my annual premium by 10%. Could you imagine if public insurance/utilities did this?
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